Sacred mountains ‘desecrated’ UPDATED

By networkstar

Security barrier: Photo supplied

Somehow we have had our mountain desecrated by the very people who are charged with looking after it. We used to have free and open access but now when we approach the mountain we are greeted by these imposing formidable brutes of gates. Heavens knows how much they cost but someone did well out of that contract.

It takes so much away from the mountain. I can’t believe the Maunga authority signed it off. Compared to the artist’s impression of what we were promised and what we have it’s truly unbelievable.

Artist’s impression of the gate

We passed a young walker today (in his 20s) and he said to his mate “are we getting a Terminator movie here or something?” They have been built to last. Vandal-proof and I suppose I’d better get used to it.

It certainly stirred up my imagination enough to pen this little piece of tongue in cheek nonsense…

New Prison farm for PM’s Electorate. ( **Satire)

* Satire these are NOT gates at Mount Albert

Here is an exclusive photo of the new maximum security gates that have been installed on Mount Albert. This is in preparation for the installation of a secure unit for high-risk offenders that is being constructed over the next 2 months on the old archery field.

Up to 60 converted containers will be shipped in with offenders arriving to complete the work by Easter. Both the PM and the Corrections minister were overjoyed that at last Mt Albert will be able to pay it’s way.

Mayor Phil Goff was happy that the city would receive substantial funding from Central government to allow the contract to run for up to ten years.
He refused to say how much it was worth but suggested that the contract that had been negotiated by the Maunga authority was a good one!

The PM was particularly pleased that a corrections facility would once again be operating in her Mt Albert electorate after the closure of the Owairaka Boys’ home last century. This will really put Mt Albert on the map she said.

The Maunga authority was quick to point out that the artist’s impression posted at the entry to the Mountain last year was to lull the locals into a false sense of security.

One Tree Hill security barrier

They had put up a similar low-security gate on One Tree Hill and everyone thought it was going to be the same, an unnamed spokesperson said.
When asked about the cost the response was that the gates were designed for purpose. The area will need good security when the containers arrive.
We asked Serco and this is what they suggested.

Locals, when canvassed, have expressed concern and a public meeting is planned at the site of the new prison on 1 April at 10am.