Salvation Army gets political

Senior policy analyst Alan Johnson and Lieut. Colonel Ian Hutson from the Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit

It’s a worry when a charity argues that a ‘progressive’ coalition isn’t progressive enough despite its claim to being a ‘wellbeing-focused government’.

The Salvation Army is getting political, so perhaps it is time that their charity status was revisited. Charities should stay out of politics. Why is it these days that so many scientists and charities are turning into activists with an axe to grind?

Their spokesperson criticised the Labour-led coalition government, noting that if they do the same things that have been done over the past ten years they will unsurprisingly get the exact same results. They also questioned whether the government had the mechanisms in place to drive change. Quote.

The Salvation Army has criticised the ‘wellbeing-focused Government’ for not doing enough to lift the most vulnerable New Zealanders out of poverty.
The comments follow the release of its State of the Nation report, which it says shows Government policies have yet to start addressing poverty – and any progress in reducing social and economic inequalities had stalled.[…]

We question whether or not the Government has the right mechanisms in place to achieve those wellbeing improvements. For us, it seems some of it is very much business as usual ?” end quote.