She’s not an osteopath, but she knows how to bone a patient

Caption: The new uniforms at St. Snoggin’s are certainly a hit with patients.

The ‘naughty nurse’ is as time-honoured in ‘adult entertainment’ as the pizza delivery guy and the slutty 30-year-old ‘schoolgirl’. But when it happens in real life, there?s no bow-chicka-bow music, just the sound of cuffs snapping shut. And not in a good way. Quote:

A ?disgraced? female doctor in Canada has been slammed by a panel for taking advantage of an ?emaciated? cancer patient after she had sex with him in his hospital bed ? during his treatment.

Theepa Sundaralingam was stripped of her licence on Wednesday by a disciplinary panel at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in Toronto ? she was found guilty of sexually abusing a patient. End of patient.

Now, that all sounds pretty rapey. But as the story unfolds, a more complicated picture emerges. Quote:

The 37-year-old?s affair with her patient reportedly began when she gave him her Instagram handle and personal phone number a day after delivering his devastating diagnosis.

After sending the ill man flirty messages, it then turned physical ? hugging and kissing him before eventually progressing into Sundaralingam masturbating and having intercourse with her patient ? in his hospital bed?a statement of uncontested facts said she visited Patient A a number of times at his home, where he lived with his family, and would spend hours with him in his bedroom engaging in sexual activities.

Phone sex was also a regular activity.

Other encounters included her visiting the man in hospital after she had been drinking and engaging in ?mutual; sexual touching?. She also tried to masturbate the patient in his hospital bed but was interrupted when a friend walked in, The Star reported. End of quote.

Okay. That?s all pretty creepy. It also doesn?t exactly sound like she held a gun to his head and forced him into it. Quote:

After becoming concerned the college would become aware of their sexual and inappropriate relationship, she asked the patient to delete their texts and to keep their relationship a secret ? which he did as instructed.

After asking him to remove her name from any visitor?s log at the hospital she ended the affair in 2015, telling him she was in love with a colleague. End of quote.

Ah-ha. So she humped him and dumped him.

Still, the fact remains that doctor-patient relationships are an absolute no-no. She must have known this. Quote:

?From virtually the beginning of your doctor/patient relationship, you crossed boundaries and ultimately sexually abused an extremely vulnerable patient suffering from a life-threatening illness,? discipline panel chair John Langs told Sundaralingam in an official reprimand…

The man, who cannot be named, said: ??I feel abused, and it?s very difficult as a male to come out and say that about a female. It?s usually the other way around?He went on to say that what compounded the toll was her refusal to continue providing medical care for him at the same time.

?At the time, I was unable to see the ramifications of dating my treating oncologist. I couldn?t see how vulnerable I was and how much power she had over me.? End of quote.

Call me a cynic, but it seems to me that both parties share blame here. He is an adult, he could have said no, but the doctor is the one who has an ethical obligation. If a male doctor were shagging a female patient, he?d have the book thrown at him.

So, the lesson is: keep it in your labcoats.