Shifty blinks and squirms on fakeugees

Caption: One of these is a nauseating, spineless worm; the other is an invertebrate known as a Land Planarium.

There were slime-dwelling slugs in the Pre-Cambrian era with stiffer backbones than Bill Shorten. Shifty is all mouth when it comes to virtue-signalling symbolism like constitutional recognition or a republic, but folds like a cheap suit when it comes to serious policy issues. Quote:

Bill Shorten has blinked so hard on border protection he could have his eyes closed for days.

The Opposition Leader was forced into a humiliating back-down on a bill Labor supported and voted for in the Senate in December when Scott Morrison called him out for undermining Australia?s offshore border protection policy and reopening the people-smuggler?s trade.

Security forces said the same thing. Because of internal pressure from Labor?s Left, Shorten couldn?t admit there had been a mistake and simply move on, he had to back down but he couldn?t back out completely.

As a result, Labor is now conceding the amendments are flawed, have to be changed and have to ensure ministerial discretion is paramount but they have to be passed to satisfy demands for compassion. End of quote.

As the old saying goes, Shorten is trying walk a barbed wire fence with a foot in each paddock. He?s hoping that his completely atrophied scrotal sac will let him get away with it.

Shorten knows that border protection is the issue that almost single-handedly won the Coalition two elections, just over a decade apart. He also knows that he owes his pounds of flesh to both the ?independent? he helped boost in to parliament, and to the looniest left of his increasingly monster raving looney party. Quote:

The Prime Minister?s response is that there is no need for any changes, particularly for any changes that underscore existing laws, and any changes the parliament makes will send Australia?s border protection ?backwards?. What was meant to be a parliamentary moment of do-or-die for the Coalition government has turned into a day of dread and drama for Labor, which is torn between the competing demands of maintaining border protection and of acting ?compassionately?.

In truth, there doesn?t have to be a choice and compassion has different measures but Shorten and Labor have suffered real damage as parliament resumes for the election year. End of quote.

The ?compassion? argument is utterly phoney. It was Labor and the Greens? ?compassion? which led directly to detention centres crammed to the gunwhales, and hundreds of children being detained with the rapiest dregs of the Third World. The same fake ?compassion? led to at least 1200 deaths at sea.

?Compassion? is an empty, useless faux-virtue in politics, which is the hard, uncompromising art of actually getting things done. Quote:

Morrison is playing to the Coalition?s traditional strengths.

Shorten is being forced to plaster over Labor?s traditional divisions in the first real setback for an ascendant ALP. End of quote.


Watching Shifty squirm like the cartilaginous worm that he is, is not only entertaining but also offers yet another lifeline to the Morrison government. In case voters have forgotten, they need to be reminded of exactly what happened as soon as Labor got into power: all their lying promises about border protection went out the windows, and soon enough, the boats were arriving daily.