Simon Bridges caught out in Photoshop nightmare

Photoshopped image credit: UNKNOWN

Yesterday one of Simon Bridges’ staff members uploaded the above image to Twitter. It seems a bit odd.

The legs on Simon Bridges look very strange, so we asked two experts for their opinions. Our very own Luke said: quote

Definitely been cleaned up at least. Probably made up of a number of images because no one is blinking and all are looking at camera. There’s also the oddness behind Simon Bridges, the people behind him appear not to have legs. The brighter grass between his legs suggests a bit of ‘burn & dodge’ action. Normal practice apart from the leg removal.


Boondecker added: quote

Looks really odd on the right leg.
Whoever did it is not very good at checking their work. It?s a very rough attempt at thinning up his trouser legs.


So it looks like Simon Bridges or someone working for him has tried to thin his fat ankles and has chopped the legs out from under his colleagues.

Vanity, thy name is Simon.

Next time Simon wants to digitally alter a photo to make himself look better he needs to find someone like Whaleoil’s Luke, who has graciously redone the photo for Simon.

Photoshopped image credit: Luke

You’re welcome.