Smoking and vaping to be banned if you have children in the car.

It will soon be illegal to smoke or vape with children in the car. 

The Smoke-free Environments Act will be amended to ban smoking or vaping with people under the age of 18 while in vehicles, parked or moving.

It’s expected the ban will be enacted by the end of the year.  

“First and foremost this change is about protecting children. However, it is also part of the Government’s commitment to achieving Smokefree 2025,” Salesa said.

“Too many New Zealand children, particularly M?ori and Pacific children, are exposed to second-hand smoke in the vehicles they usually travel in.
“Children are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of second-hand smoke due to their smaller lungs, higher respiratory rate and immature immune systems.”
The move has been welcomed by Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft, who said it could benefit 100,000 Kiwi kids every week. 
“Once this legislation is passed [children] will no longer be forced to inhale this chemical poison,” Becroft said. 


Um ? except in their own home, where they will spend much more time than in the car. Or is that next on this list? You won’t be able to smoke in your own home if you have children under 18?

Of course I’m not arguing that smoking in a vehicle is a good thing, especially for children. I just don’t see that banning it is the answer. Using a cell phone is illegal at the moment, yet you see plenty of users, either with their phone blatantly tucked under their chin, or constantly glancing down as they pretend to drive while focussing on their screen. That is a far more dangerous practice with more immediate and life-threatening consequences than second-hand smoke, and it is already illegal. The law hasn’t stopped the practice and there seems to be little ability or will to enforce the ban.

This just feels like yet another thing that the government wants to control in our lives.