So when can we call this a civil war?

Caption: Just what you’d expect to see in a country not in civil war. (Xinhua/Ray Tang)

The nature of war has changed greatly in recent decades. Rather than organised conflicts officially declared by states and fought by opposed forces of professional militaries, modern wars tend to not only be asymmetric ? that is, fought by state militaries on one side against non-state militias and insurgents ? but they are rarely officially declared. Instead, modern conflicts, as a rule, escalate from sporadic terrorist attacks to low-level insurgencies and finally to full-scale conflict.

Civil wars are much the same, and more so. The Algerian War, for instance, followed decades of slowly worsening unrest. Indeed, at first the leadership of the rebels protested their loyalty to the French administration. Over decades, though, their activities scaled up from political agitation to violent insurgency and finally to full-scale war. The same pattern has occurred repeatedly in modern times, around the globe.

With tens of thousands of jihadists outnumbering its military, and a steadily escalating stream of violent attacks, at what point could it be said that Britain is at war with itself? Especially when insurgents are deliberately choosing military targets. Quote:

A 21 year old man who is currently a serving member of HM Forces was knocked over in the early hours of New Years Day after reportedly being involved in an altercation with upto 15 Muslim men inside the TBC nightclub in Bately, West Yorkshire.

At 04.41am as New Years Eve revelers were making their way home, a blue Mercedes mounted the pavement and knocked over the young soldier, flipping him up into the air before [sending him] crashing down on the concrete?The victim is in a serious but stable and conscious state, talking to family at his bedside and when he is ready the police will be speaking to him. The blue Mercedes fled the scene but was later recovered by police and a 27 year old man from the Dewsbury area has been arrested and taken into custody.

?a serving soldier with the Yorkshire regiment was out enjoying a night out to celebrate New Years Eve with a friend when he was overheard by a group of upto 15 Muslim men who took exception at hearing details of his last tour of duty. It is alleged that the group of men took offence at the victim being a serving soldier and started harassing him and calling him scum. The young man, who has been left with serious injuries is believed to have tried to defuse the situation by existing the club and crossing the road only for one of the group to get into a car, a blue Mercedes, which mounted the pavement and deliberately drove at the young serving soldier at speeds believed to approaching 50mph. End of quote.

Muslim hatred and denigration of British servicemen in his home town is what motivated Tommy Robinson to establish the English Defence League. For that, Robinson has been steadily vilified and hounded by the left-media Establishment and civil authorities.

Just as they did with Muslim child-rape gangs, authorities are desperately trying to conceal the truth about this latest attack on Britain. Quote:

Chief Inspector Ben Ryder, said: ?We would like to reassure service personnel that police have no evidence that the victim has been targeted due to his service in the army, or that it is motivated by racism. We remain open-minded and would urge anyone who witnessed the incident or has any further information to come forward to assist with our investigation.? End of quote.


Except? Quote:

Tommy Robinson has revealed that a [Muslim] man has been charged over the brutal attack on serving British soldier, Joshua Adams-Mitchell.

Hamza Ali Hussain, 23 from Dewsbury has been charged by Police??How has he not been charged with attempted murder??, Tommy asked. He went onto to describe the attack as ?politically motivated? attack on a member of our armed forces using a car as a weapon. End of quote.


Vehicle attacks have been the preferred tactic of Islamic terrorists for quite some time.

How many terrorist attacks does it take to add up to an open insurgency? Even a civil war?