Sounds like a lad from the ‘Naki

Kiwi Terrorist: Photoshopped image Luke

Sulub Warfaa or is it Ramadhan Yusuf? Whatever, it is your average typical name for a down-home lad from the ‘Naki, the Manawatu or maybe even Morrinsville.

The question is: What is a good old Kiwi lad doing creating havoc in Kenya? Just part of the typical Kiwi OE? Quote.

A New Zealander has reportedly been arrested in Africa as part of a terror swoop following a bloody attack at a luxury hotel complex in Kenya.

Kenya police chiefs say that New Zealand national Sulub Warfaa, 36, was arrested just a few kilometres from the Kenya-Somalia border.

The Daily Nation news outlet says he was allegedly travelling in a white Toyota Hilux ute with two passports. A second passport was reportedly under the name Ramadhan Yusuf. End quote.

Why would a Toyota Hilux ute need two passports? Quote.

He was arrested with a 33-year-old named as Sakawawedin Abdullahi Mohammed, travelling on an Ethiopian passport.

Kenya’s Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the pair was heading to Garissa from Dajabula, the Daily Nation reported.

Another 10 suspects were arrested during a raid on the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Garissa County.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) this morning confirmed it is “providing consular assistance to a New Zealander who has been detained in Kenya”. It said that for privacy reasons, no further information will be provided.

The Herald has also approached Kenyan police for comment.

The arrests come after a suspected terror attack on the upmarket DusitD2 hotel and office compound in the capital Nairobi on January 15 killed 21 people and injured scores of others.

The Somalia-based Islamic militant group Al-Shabab – opposed to Kenyan involvement in the Somali civil war and which was behind the 2013 Westgate shopping mall massacre that left 67 people dead – have claimed responsibility for the attack. End quote.

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Now, obviously, one must not jump to conclusions but Ramadhan Yusuf, Sakawawedin Abdullahi Mohammed and Sulub Warfaa were not common names for my school classmates.

Surely they would not be followers of the Religion of Pieces that have come to our country and then left to spread their religion’s peace to others, would they?

I wonder if Minister Lees-Galloway gave him citizenship?