Students go on strike

Students at Nelson College for Girls have started preparing banners for the global school strike for climate. PHOTO: NZ Herald

Just when you think things can’t get any more loopy ?they do! quote.

Thousands of New Zealand school students plan to go “on strike” on March 15 to support a worldwide day of action over global warming.

The global strike is expected to bring tens of thousands of students on to the streets across Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries.

In New Zealand, national co-ordinator Sophie Handford said protests were being organised in more than 20 towns from Russell in the Bay of Islands to Invercargill.

She said more than 1000 people had said they were “interested” on Facebook sites for protests in each of the four main centres in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. [?]

The group’s ‘demands’ include an immediate ban on exploration and extraction of fossil fuels, regulating emissions from agriculture and supporting the Government’s Zero Carbon Act. end quote.

Here?s an idea.  How about, instead of playing truant from school and making demands, you spend a day educating yourselves.  That is, after all, the purpose of going to school, to get an education; not to become an activist. Find out what the financial impact will be, crunch the numbers, and make sure you really understand what impact an immediate ban will have on the economy, as well as socially and personally for the people that work in the industry. 

Look at how New Zealand compares with other countries like India, China, the United States and Russia.  Think about how small New Zealand’s contribution is to global pollution, when considered alongside so many much bigger countries.

Educate yourselves with the facts about climate change. Understand that the science isn’t ‘settled’, and you may find that the evidence just doesn’t stack up. quote.

NZ Secondary Principals Council chairman James Morris said school principals would not condone the strike.

“Whilst most principals would support students expressing support for climate change action, they would be reluctant to approve students taking time away from their classes to do so,” he said.

“I would expect that most principals would have attendance marked as ‘unjustified’ as per Ministry of Education guidelines for students who are absent to attend the ‘strike’.

“It would be a real sign of the students’ commitment to the cause if they chose to give up after school jobs or weekend activities to ‘strike’ rather than school time.”

A Newspaper.

Of course they will only ‘strike’ during school hours. It’s just an excuse to skip off school and virtue-signal with no clue about what they are really demanding.

And as if all this lunacy wasn’t enough, the students are being supported in playing truant by none other than ?. drum roll please …? the Maori Climate Commissioner herself, Ms Donna Awatere-Huata.

Ms Huata has said: quote.

[?] she has no qualms about encouraging schoolchildren to strike for action on climate change. [?]

Donna Awatere-Huata says anyone who thinks that’s irresponsible should think harder.

“The world is melting, the Arctic, the Antarctic, our own glaciers are melting, the oceans can’t take much more of the greenhouse gases.

“These young people they’re saying: `This is our future’. We’re talking an existential issue. We may not exist if we carry on like this.”

Ms Awatere-Huata says she will be marching with them, and calling for an end to government inertia.

She says the world is essentially in meltdown, and the impact of a few hours off school pales in comparison to the likely impact of climate change on the lives of today’s children. end quote.


It also seems that the Ministry of Education is endorsing the strike. quote.

Ministry of Education spokeswoman Ellen MacGregor-Reid said awareness of the environment was an important aspect of the curriculum. It “encourages students to participate and take action as critical, informed and responsible citizens”, in learning areas from Social Sciences to English, Science, Art or Technology.  

Some schools may choose to follow up on any student interest in the strike to prompt in classroom discussions and work on this part of the curriculum, she said. end quote.


The Ministry of Education should focus on doing their job, which is educating children, instead of peddling the government’s agenda to our youth.