Tassie voters reject transgender changes [updated]

Caption: Activists like this Dee Snyder impersonator have inexplicably failed to convince Tasmanians.

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You may recall that Whaleoil recently canvassed the opinions of Tasmanians in the street about the proposed changes to this state?s births, deaths and marriages legislation that would not only make registering a baby?s sex optional, but allow people to legally change gender on a whim and to make the misuse of pronouns illegal. As we found, Tasmanians were solidly opposed. New polling shows the same result. Quote:

Polling done for the Liberal Party by EMRS showed strong majority opposition to the birth certificate move in every voter group except for Greens voters.

They strongly favoured it. End of quote.

Well, they would, wouldn?t they? Quote:

Even Labor supporters were strongly against the change.

The change had net support of negative 38 per cent among Labor voters, meaning the total percentage of Labor voters opposing it exceeded the percentage supporting it by 38 percentage points.

Of all voters, 71 per cent opposed the policy, 21 per cent supported it and 8 per cent were unsure. End of quote.

Tasmanian Labor are showing the same suicidal determination as their federal counterparts. They also have the same sticky problem with telling the truth. Quote:

Labor’s Shadow Attorney-General, Ella Haddad, said the amendments would have no effect on the vast majority of people, but an “enormously positive effect on the people who deserve to enjoy these rights just like the rest of us”.

Ms Haddad said the poll question mischaracterised the changes.

“There will be no default position not to include gender on birth certificates, simply a choice for those who do not wish for it to be displayed,” she said. End of quote.

Yet, Haddad clearly told Tasmania?s parliament that, ?It creates, in effect, an opt-in approach to including reference to gender on a person?s birth certificate?. So, was she misleading us then, or now?

She?s also misleading ? or deluded ? that the proposed legislation will no affect on anyone else. When any bloke who feels like it can legally change their sex on a whim, women in change rooms, showers and shelters around the state are going to be very affected. Anyone who fails to use some weirdo in a dress? ?preferred pronouns? will also face the full weight of the law. Quote:

Montgomery Liberal MLC Leonie Hiscutt said: “Labor and the Greens failed to consult with the Tasmanian community before they pushed through these amendments in the lower house late last year.”

Ms Haddad said: “Labor has spent considerable time speaking with people in the community and will continue to have those conversations to ensure people understand that this policy is about choice. End of quote.

Haddad is being disingenuous. No-one apart from a handful of rainbow activists were consulted about this legislation. Tasmanians were never asked and never given the chance to vote on this nonsense. Given the chance, voters will punish the deluded, lying social engineers on the left of the house. Quote:

The net opposition to the birth certificates measure ranged between 29 per cent in the Denison/Clark electorate and a thumping 92 per cent among Liberal voters.

The polling found net opposition in every Tasmanian electorate and region, among every adult age group, among males, among females and among those who did not vote for the Liberals, Labor or the Greens. End of quote.