Teacher: One woman’s struggle to keep the heart in teaching

Book Review:

Teacher: one woman’s struggle to keep the heart in teaching
by Gabbie Stroud

This memoir is currently getting a lot of buzz here and in Australia. Stroud wrote an award winning essay in the Griffin Review in 2016 that got a lot of attention:

‘I was burnt out because successive Australian governments ? both left and right ? have locked Australian education into the original model of schooling first established during the industrial revolution. Each decision made keeps us stuck in an archaic learn-to-work model, now complete with ongoing
mandatory assessment of our student?s likely productivity and economic potential.

Fundamental to this model is the idea of standardising.

Standards, standardising and standardisation.

Making every kid the same.

Making every teacher the same.

If I was successful in my job, that?s what would happen.

Based on that, I don?t want the job any more.’

Teaching Australia

She was offered a book deal and this is the result. Teacher is a memoir of her years teaching, at once inspiring and also illuminating the plight of the teacher who wants to teach children but finds their life wound up in assessment and paperwork.

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