The best bloody country in the world: Part 2

A group of Greek/Romanian immigrants pose after disembarking SS Goya, 3 May, 1951.
The placard reads [sic] ?We salute New Zealand our new home and adoptive land, long live the President his government and the people of New Zealand. Gratitude to the J.R.O. The Greek and Roumanian refugees.? Picture: “Evening Post Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library”


We can all admire acts of human kindness, of empathy and charity to strangers whose faces we do not recognise, but whose ordeals we can imagine and empathise with as tragically burdensome, often terrifying, and worthy of relief.

We may in turn, despise the likes of the Romanian special police. But were they not just simple if heavily over badged, civil servants ?just doing their job? at the behest of an ideologically driven government under the firm hand of a hardened and paranoid occupying force?

George (see part 1 – link below) had done no wrong in a criminal sense, but before determining his innocence, the authorities needed to question him to establish if he was an ?enemy of the people? in political terms, a private property owner for instance or ideologically a capitalist perhaps.

This would be a relatively easy exercise because a ?friend of the people? would simply declare and hand over a large quantity of his or her assets to the state for the greater good, indeed for the ?good of all? including themselves. Meanwhile an ‘enemy of the people’ might withhold, fully or partially, details of their own assets or declare an unwillingness to part with them.

A dismissive interrogater might be ?encouraged? to explain or unearth more with the use of enhanced interrogation techniques designed to correct such memory frailties.

Confiscation of both private wealth and individual liberty in the name of some ideological ?Good? are the hallmarks of socialism, indeed the sickle represents the removal of private property, the amputation of assets, while the hammer reminds us of liberties curtailed; crushed.

These measures are never unfurled in all their grotesque glory at once. The seizures of assets or income are always introduced for ‘a simple public good?, while restrictions on liberty are incrementally increased, just as in the metaphoric recipe for boiling your frog.

Socialist regimes do not spawn more brutal sadists or psychopathic individuals than any other, though it is true that they promote them more rapidly. Those regimes simply coach the population into indifference towards those adversely affected by their policies.

They never announce the awfulness, the consequences or the cruelty, intended or otherwise, of their coercion and confiscations. They keep spinning the pretence of promoting the ‘public good.’ Like a wretched, infernal, mechanical piano perpetually rattling out an endless tin-drum dirge they bang on about fairness and equality under the beautiful warm glow of socialism?s red star.

Romania enjoyed the full blossom of 100% real, organic socialism for fully forty-five years. It bore the fruits of indifference and under capitalisation. It suffered from over thought, over wrought, wasteful economic planning and a lack of innovation as well as the widespread misery and corruption that always accompany regimes of ‘equality and fairness.’

One day it will come to light from some dusty archive, that George was suspected of not revealing the true nature or completeness of his assumed assets. We will learn that under the application of very scientific and humane interrogation enhancement techniques (endorsed by some entity perhaps described as ?The Bureau of Equality, Fairness and Universal Happiness? ), something went terribly wrong.

They will explain that it was unplanned and unfortunate. The official explanation will read: ?Failed to respond to further beneficial memory treatment. The interview was terminated. Interviewee safely returned to his family?.

My father in law could swear to infinity. I think it is fair to say the lexicon of libels and slanders increased exponentially during his lifetime under his own inventive steam of consciousness so to speak, yet never once did he utter a bad word about New Zealand, a country he would proudly call his home and ?The best bloody country in the world?.

Yet he fought here alone, against the state. For years he battled the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, very close to the point of both personal bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown, against the arrogant imposition of (huge) penalties and interest on income assessed as received by him but not ?declared?.

He fought all the way, tooth and nail, to the highest court in the land and eventually won in a landmark ruling bearing his name. It was a ruling never curtailed or overturned in over thirty years and is still cited to this very day, several times a year, in the courts of the best bloody country in the world by those battling to preserve their possessions against demands of confiscation or pecuniary penalty by the state.

If history teaches us anything; it is that we forget it.

We have a wonderful new proudly socialist administration in New Zealand determined to bring fairness and equality to her citizens whether we like it or not. This equalising is already being formulated under the cover of various propaganda umbrella groups, one of them called the ?Tax Working Group.

This ‘group? despite producing no evidence whatsoever of unfairness, has determined the application of fairness is meritorious ideologically and has recommended the state share a much larger portion of our lunch under the guise of ?capital gains taxes?.

This will end in tears for many. The TWG acknowledges the opportunities abound for heartache and mischief but this will not matter. These taxes, these extra burdens, will be imposed for reasons ?good? and ?fair?.

They will not care whether your gains are by way of windfall, sweat equity, astute administration of personal finances and investments or achieved by some other means. Their haughty and dismissive indifference towards individual circumstances is another of the hallmarks of socialism.

It is the same ?we?re all in this together Comrades?, ?it?s tough for everyone? and ?we?re all equal under the law? spiel parroted by the Soviet Commissars as they dashed every weekend to their dacha?s and their aloof country houses, to distance themselves from the misery of the masses.

I am not pretending, for one second, that the tax-gathering civil servants of New Zealand will behave in any way like the brutal and heavy handed political police of post WW2 Romania, neither am I pretending you will be tortured (except financially), but the outcome will be exactly the same.

The process may be nicer but you will still end up with less. However, the coached, official, indifference to those adversely and unfairly affected will resemble, very closely, the same cold callousness that destroyed a man and broke his family back in Braila.

That is why with this single move, New Zealand will take one step back from being the best bloody country in the world and take one step closer to becoming just another rotten socialist dystopia.