The left has stolen your sanity

Dr Jordan Peterson (Photos by Jonathan Castellino)

Want to get it back? Then stop despairing and start listening to people who might share your sensible viewpoints. The voice of reason is out there, but it struggles to be heard above dominating idiotic arguments.

Whaleoil moderater Nige is an avid listener of talk back radio and he noticed a common thread among callers following Sean Plunket’s interview with Dr Jordan B Peterson. He contacted me to point out that people feel alone and marginalised if they don’t buy into the changes happening around them.

People are not happy about some changes in society, and they feel powerless and overwhelmed, and so they are silent. Possibly they are the silent majority.  Quote

?Well I had no idea that other people felt this way.”

“I was starting to go mad thinking that there was no one out there who thought the same way that I did.” End of quote.

You have to hunt down people like Peterson, because our prevailing climate of political correctness shuts down sensible people before they can even open their mouths.

Canadians Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern were aggressively de-platformed, disappointing many and only managing a couple of tv interviews before they headed across the ditch. They were described as ?far right.?

The notion of left versus right is simplistic. Our values and mores are not about left versus right, male versus female or even brown versus white. It is about sane versus insane arguments.  The logical and the illogical. But the ?far right? argument worked very effectively at shutting down the Canadians after the Auckland mayor and venue owners wholeheartedly bought into it.

The arrival of Dr Jordan B Peterson was met with derision by Auckland Peace Action before he?d even set foot in the country. Quote.

Activist group Auckland Peace Action has accused Peterson of homophobia and racism.

“In the lead-up to Jordan Peterson’s visit to New Zealand we have a duty to condemn his sexist, queerphobic, racist and deeply reactionary views,” Iris Krzyzosiak, of Auckland Peace Action, said.

  Newstalk ZB end of quote.

Listen to the Plunket interview with Peterson and if you find a whiff of sexism, queerphobic, racist or deeply reactionary views I will eat one of my jandals. (Very hard to do and extremely annoying to be left with only one jandal.)

Iris Krzyzosiak was demolished by Sean Plunket in an interview ahead of Peterson?s visit.  Unsurprisingly, one of the reasons Peterson came under fire from Auckland Peace Action is simply because he calls sexual self-identification a social contruct.

That is not, of course, what Auckland Peace Action conveyed to the public. They want us to think this is just about left versus right ideology. Quote. of the things that?s happened, for example, (indistinct) really what this is, is an attempt by a certain ideological movement to? to put forth the insistence that sex is only a sociological construct, that it?s only something learned. And so that it can be changed at whim.

Which is really a strange thing because if it?s learned it can?t really be changed at whim. And, also if it?s learned it could be unlearned. Which is something that the people who are putting this legislation forward aren?t really thinking through because that opens up the opportunity for people who would like to reform people who would like to change their gender back to, say, normative behaviour. Because if it?s learned it can be unlearned. End of quote.

I can understand that transgenders would take umbrage at Peterson for pointing out that their argument for gender choice is not logical.  That is, to choose your gender also infers you can un-choose it at a later date. Peterson also forewarns of the probable lawsuits in 15+ years time from kids who underwent gender change only to change their minds later on.

So hang onto your sanity folks! If something makes you feel uneasy, look around for some dissenting viewpoints before you end up frustrated and with steam coming out of your ears.

We New Zealanders are a pretty tolerant lot, except for a loud obnoxious 2%. Live and let live most of us say, but really, enough is enough.