The new Ramsay course shows why the West is the best

Caption: The Architect’s Dream by Thomas Cole.

Nothing has demonstrated the leftist takeover of the academy more cogently than the orgy of spittle-flecked hysterics that greeted the announcement of the Ramsay Centre?s proposed degree in Western Civilisation. Doctrinaire academics, who?ve spent years happily pocketing millions from Islamic fundamentalists and Chinese communists, suddenly tried to pretend that they were concerned about academic integrity, rather than a deep-seated hatred of the West.

In spite of the furious outbursts from the useful idiots of academia, at least one university is forging ahead with the course. The details of the course have been released for public view. Quote:

The University of Wollongong says its new Ramsay Centre-sponsored bachelor degree in Western civilisation is inspired by the idea of a conversation in which: ?Nothing is to remain undiscussed. Everybody is to speak (their) mind. No proposition is to be left unexamined.? End of quote.

Free to speak their minds? No proposition left unexamined? No wonder the left hate and fear it. Quote:

It says in the document on curriculum design that the course will take students on ?on a chronologically ordered philosophical adventure through the major periods and epochs of intellectual and artistic change in the West?. End of quote.

Looking over the core units of the course, it seems most of the units are subjects which could be taken in many other Humanities courses, from Philosophy to English Literature. The benefit of this course appears to be not only the inclusion of all these subjects in a single course of study, but also the fact that they are put into the context and narrative of Western civilisation and its achievements. Quote:

?At each stage of their journey, students will engage first-hand with exemplary masterpieces of Western thought, art and architecture (and) bring them into dialogue with the some of the greatest exemplars of non-Western traditions,? the university says.

Students will take 16 core subjects, including a capstone unit on Australian democracy, as well as doing a major selected from a list including: archeology and ancient history; creative writing; languages; history; indigenous studies; sociology; English literature; philosophy; politics; international relations; and global sustainable development.

The students can also choose to pair the course with another to do a double degree, or do honours in Western civilisation to help them develop more advanced research and critical thinking skills. End of quote.

Modern academia being what it is, the course still has to make some concessions to the idiotic cultural relativism of the left. Quote:

The university is at pains to make clear that Western civilisation students will ?be introduced to non-Western and under-represented voices and perspectives?.

?To take one example, students will be exposed to alternative readings of Western classics, such as Pat Barker?s The Silence of the Girls (2018), which is lauded as an outstanding feminist retelling of the Iliad,? the curriculum design document says?The university says that, despite the course?s focus on Western thought and art, it also ?initiates well-placed, high-quality conversations? on non-Western traditions in half of its 16 core units. End of quote.


So what?s the point of a course like this?

Easy. The Long March through the institutions has dumbed down and poisoned ?modern educayshun? to the point that students are not only clueless about the breadth and magnificence of Western civilisation (as I wrote recently, students even at elite institutions graduate without ever reading Shakespeare or Dickens), they are taught to actively hate it. Despite the fact that many of the left?s core conceits ? ?anti-racism?, egalitarianism, emancipation, decolonisation, women?s and gay rights and so on ? were all created and promulgated by the West, the left are thoroughly infected with a hatred of, and determination to destroy, Western civilisation.

The Ramsay course is a much-needed antidote to the poison of Marxism. A generation of students badly need to be reminded that, without denigrating the achievements of other civilisations, the West really is the best.