The other hate crime: The one you never heard about

Caption: Unlike the fake hate-crime, this one was actually captured on surveillance video.

Did you hear about the hate crime bashing in America last week? No, not that lying liberal actor: we?ve all heard about that one, ad nauseam, and as we correctly called it early on Whaleoil, it was a complete hoax.

I?m talking about the one where the Jewish man was viciously bashed in New York, and it was all caught on camera. Of course you didn?t hear about that one: it didn?t fit the media?s narrative. Quote:

The media ran with the [Smollett] story. Good Morning America hosted Smollett, where he maligned anyone who asked questions as a racist and a homophobe. CNN?s Brooke Baldwin stated, ?This is America in 2019.? Celebrities parroted their support for Smollett, with many blaming President Trump and Vice President Pence for the attack.

The story was a hoax.

That same night, a Jewish man in New York was beaten by three thugs. Nothing was stolen. The attack was caught on video. End of quote.

Now, you?d think the media would be keen to pounce on an anti-Semitic attack. After all, they spent weeks blaming Trump for a series of anti-Semitic hate crimes?which also turned out to be hoaxes. Indeed, many of them were carried out by black hoaxers. It seems that whenever it?s a black-on-Jew hate crime, the media run a mile to avoid talking about it. Quote:

Two weeks before that beating, a Jewish man, 19, was ?violently assaulted? as he walked past a local laundromat by a group of teenage black males. In December, a 16-year-old Jewish teen spent a week in a hospital after being beaten by two other teens; witnesses said that the teens screamed ?Kill the Jew.? The NYPD categorized the attack as ?gang related? rather than a hate crime, angering Jews in the area. End of quote.

?Gang related?? Didn?t that used to be a standard euphemism for ?black?? Quote:

In fact, according to NBC New York, ?The city has seen a sharp increase in reported hate crimes so far in 2019, the NYPD said. Police had investigated 42 hate crimes through Feb. 4, compared with 19 at the same point last year. Most of those were anti-Semitic.? The New York Times reported in October of last year that ?there have been four times as many crimes motivated by bias against Jews ? 142 in all ? as there have against blacks. Hate crimes against Jews have outnumbered hate crimes targeted at transgender people by a factor of 20.? End of quote.

But Jews aren?t of much interest to the left, except as targets of their unhinged conspiracy theories. Quote:

?[B]y statistics, Jews are by far the most likely group to be targeted in America on a per capita basis. This is a problem for the intersectionality-oriented Left, which sees Jews not as victims but as part of the power hierarchy in the United States. How can the Left uphold its hierarchy of victimhood if Jews are the chief targets of hate crime ? and furthermore, if such hate crime is largely perpetrated by non-white supremacists, people who supposedly lie higher on the victim hierarchy than Jews?

Furthermore, Jews are inordinately successful and well-treated in the United States; outside of Israel, there is no more philo-Semitic country on earth. So if Jews, the most statistically victimized group in America, aren?t particularly victimized, what does that say about the narrative of America as racist, bigotry-ridden hellhole? End of quote.

It means, of course, that the narrative is a lie. But narrative is all the left have: if they were forced to base their arguments on facts, they would wither and die. Quote:

The United States is an amazing place. But the media and much of the Left don?t like that narrative. That?s why they cover Jussie Smollett. And that?s why they won?t cover Jews being attacked on the streets of New York. End of quote.


Nor will they cover the black man who set two white women on fire. Or that the most recent violent racial cleansing in the US is in Los Angeles, where Hispanic gangs are murdering and terrorising blacks.