The Pope of Piffle splits the church even further

Caption: Francis kisses up to the new boss.

It?s fair by now to say that Pope Francis has turned out to be a reckless, divisive pontiff, who may well end up splitting the Church in a way few recent popes have. From his enthusiasm for Marxist liberation theology, to his shameful silence over the slaughter of ancient Christians ? and his love affair with the religion of their slaughterers ? Francis seems intent on pandering to the anti-Christian left and alienating Catholics. Quote:

A heated ?Chrislam?? battle is unfolding in the Catholic Church over Pope Francis?s joint document with Islamic leader Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt?s al-Azhar mosque, which says the ?pluralism and the diversity of religions? are ?willed by God in His wisdom?.

In a heated war of words, German Cardinals Gerhard Mueller Cardinal Walter Kasper have hurled accusations about ?promoting schism?? and an ?anti-Christ?? influence in current church debates.

On Sunday, Cardinal Mueller, sacked by Francis as the Church?s doctrinal chief in 2017, released a ?manifesto of faith?? in seven languages, arguing the joint Christian-Islam declaration contravened Catholic teaching. End of quote.

It’s difficult to deny that Islam and Christianity are anything but mutually exclusive. Any superficial resemblances ? mostly the result of Muhammad shamelessly cribbing from Jewish and Christian texts ? are outweighed by insuperable differences. The central tenet of Christianity ? the triune God ? is an unforgivable blasphemy in Islam. Quote:

In his manifesto, Cardinal Mueller said the Christian belief in three persons in the one God was a ?fundamental difference?? from that of other religions.

?Therefore, the first letter of John refers to one who denies His divinity as an antichrist,?? he wrote.

Cardinal Kasper, a strong Francis supporter, counterpunched on Monday, accusing Cardinal Mueller of ?promoting confusion and schism??. He said he was ?totally appalled?? by his fellow cardinal?s antichrist reference.

Cardinal Kasper also likened Cardinal Mueller to Martin Luther who ?rightly criticised much in the Church? but said Cardinal Mueller wanted to pursue ?reforms behind the Pope?s back and enforce them in opposition to him.? End of quote.

If Mueller is Martin Luther, then Francis is Leo X selling indulgences to the hostile religion whose adherents once besieged the Vatican itself. Quote:

Several bishops in the US and Switzerland have publicly supported Cardinal Mueller?s manifesto.

In a separate commentary on the Christian-Islam declaration, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan said Christianity was ?the only God-willed religion ? therefore it can never be placed complementarily side-by-side with other religions??. Doing so would ?violate the truth of Divine Revelation??.

The theological wars have taken another new dimension with US Cardinal Raymond Burke, formerly the Vatican?s senior legal officer and also sacked by Francis, launching his own website, Cardinal Burke said it would be ?a means of carrying out more fully my mission ? especially the teaching of the Church?s doctrine and discipline??. End of quote.


Islam?s holy text ? supposedly the direct and unalterable command of Allah ? states that he ?has sent His Messenger forth with the guidance and the religion of truth, to make it triumph over every religion, even though the idolaters may be averse?. Thus, triumphant Islam has only ever offered those it subsumes two choices: conversion or death. Christians and Jews are ?lucky? enough to get a third choice: dhimmitude, life as brutalised, humiliated second-class citizens.

Francis is a fool if he thinks his faith can ?coexist? with Islam.