The President who ardently defends gay rights

Too Right
A regular column by John Black

Although it was mostly unreported, Donald Trump embraced the LGBT community like no other GOP nominee in history.

Question: Which American president has been the most ardent defender of gay rights?

Bill Clinton? All he could muster on the right of gay people to serve their country was a weak “Don?t ask, don?t tell”.

Obama? In the waning years of his presidency, he came round to the idea of gay marriage with about as much enthusiasm as I do when I?m eating my Christmas dinner Brussels sprouts.

The answer of course is Donald J Trump.

Trump was the first president to assume office with the view that gay marriage was the ?settled law of the land.? In June 2016 when an Islamo madman took out 49 people in a gay nightclub, he tweeted, “As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology”.
Arguably with his curbing of Islamic immigration to the U.S (down 91% for refugees during his time in office and 26% and falling for immigrants) he?s doing just that.

But these are but sequins in an Elton John jump suit compared to the news this week that the Trump administration has decided to push for a worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

Partly prompted by the recent hanging of a gay man in Iran and headed by openly gay Trump-appointed ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, the strategy is to use American soft power, the U.N and LGBTQ activists to push for law changes across the globe.

With over 70 countries still having explicitly anti-homosexual laws on the books, even if this is only mildly successful it should make President Trump the biggest gay icon since Liza Minnelli.
Can you imagine the t-shirts?

I?d say he?s halfway there already. Think about the way he speaks. Everything is ?tremendous,? fantastic?, ?wonderful? and ?terrific?.
And those hand gestures?

I say should, because in this world of epidemic Trump derangement syndrome the news was met with either silence or derision. Our local lame-stream media hardly covered it. Why try for objectivity when you can keep running the usual crap from the Washington Post on how he forgot Melania?s birthday/ once had a Russian golf partner/ eats Big Macs in bed?

The derision came inexcusably but predictably from progressive quarters. ?Out!? magazine published a truly moronic piece claiming that the announcement was “an old racist tactic” and came from ?a colonial sense of paternalism?. The writer then went on to claim that (anyway) in Iran ?enforcement of anti-gay laws has softened somewhat.?

What does that mean? They only hang gays every other week now?
Locally, it?s much the same, with the chants for last fortnight?s Pride march including plenty of anti-Trump dirges. Obsessed with such edifying questions as to whether a man who lops off his old fella can ever be a woman in the same way Meghan Markle is, progressives and the gay ?community? seem oblivious to the brutal treatment of their comrades internationally and this unprecedented attempt to fight it.

In his typical style, the Don has seen through all the crap around gay rights ? think the cake baking kerfuffle which went all the way to the supreme court ? and focussed on what matters, gay people getting killed or imprisoned for their sexuality usually in Islamic countries.

Trump, a world-class purveyor of bullshit himself, seems to have a nose for detecting it in government policy. Take Israel. For decades, Presidents have promised the Jewish lobby they would shift the U.S embassy to Jerusalem, but have wimped out under U.N and Arab nation pressure. Trump, faced with apocalyptic predictions if it?s moved, does it anyway. Nothing much happens. Because the predictions were seven sorts of crappola.

Or the southern border. Illegal immigration from Mexico and drug trafficking have plagued U.S administrations for forty years or more. Trump?s solution: build a bloody big wall. Simplistic maybe, but even if his time in office only results in the border being secured by some other means, he will have done America a great service.

That?s why so many voters sent him to Washington. Their belief that this guy, blunt, buffoonish, vulgarian that he is, is the only one with the elephantine cojones needed to clear out the Augean stables of government.
Donald J Trump, the enema of the people.