The rape culture of ‘refugee advocates’

Caption: Definitely not members of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

By a strange coincidence, any western country that admits a flood of refugees from the shitholes of the Middle East and Africa suddenly seems to experience a spike in rape and sexual assault. It?s an amazing coincidence that surely has nothing to do with opening their borders to hordes of single young men from mediaevally brutal cultures. After all, ?refugee advocates? have even gone to the trouble of printing pamphlets explaining to these troglodytes that, amazing as it may seem, women in public, uncovered and unaccompanied by male relatives, aren?t open game for any takers.

So why does this keep happening? It?s certainly a mystery to the type of willfully blind bleeding-hearts who infest the unelected quangos handing out the golden tickets to the welfare ? and women ? of the West. Quote:

A refugee who served almost three years in prison after encouraging his cousin to rape a woman and refusing to intervene despite her pleas has won an appeal to have his visa cancellation overturned. End of quote.

So, this charmer shagged a woman in a motel room ? then told his cousin to have a go. After all, Western women are just “uncovered meat”, as Australia’s Grand Mufti so eloquently put it. Quote:

The Tribunal heard the man?s cousin later ?physically forced himself? on the victim, before having non-consensual sex.

It heard the man advised his cousin not to wear a condom as ?it feels better without one?, while also laughing off the woman?s pleas for help, declaring: ?Don?t worry ? you?ll like it.? End of quote.

Get used to it, whitey. There?s plenty more where they came from. Quote:

While the man?s cousin was the main offender, the court at the time deemed the man as being in a position where he could control or dissuade his cousin.

The Tribunal heard the man has been detained at Villawood Detention Centre since December 2016 when he was released from prison.

In considering his appeal, the Tribunal noted the man had shown remorse for his actions, while also displaying ?limited empathy? for the victim. End of quote.

So he was really just sorry for himself, and his chances at a lifetime of generous welfare. Well, that?s good enough for any self-respecting ?refugee advocate?. Quote:

Tribunal senior member Milton Griffin, QC, said the ?correct? decision was to reinstate the man?s visa.

?The primary consideration of the protection of the Australian community ultimately weighs in the Applicant?s favour,? he said. End of quote.


In other words, ?refugees? first, Australians second. Bugger the raped woman, the judge has to think about the real victim, the poor refugee.

Milton Griffin has made it clear before that he doesn?t care much for what the Australian public wants. Quote:

A JUDGE has defended his sentencing of a Brisbane man who maintained a relationship with a child prostitute??I want to make it absolutely clear in this case the sentence I impose is not a sentence affected by any consideration of what it might be said the public of Queensland wants,? he said?the accused was aged 64 and 65 and the child was 15 when she was subject to ?systematic sex abuse??the man was a ?VIP customer? and would attend the brothel each Friday, often taking the child to school afterwards. End of quote.


The pedo got five years. If he was a refo, he might have got off scot-free.

Quangos like the AAT and the Refugee Review Tribunal have been systematically stacked by lefties and bleeding hearts who put their sympathies with criminals and illegal immigrants, ahead of the Australian public. These virtue-signalling creeps are so overwhelmed by the suffocating smug of their phony ?compassion? that they will reward almost any wrongdoing with indulgence. Quote:

Administrative Appeals Tribunal member Kira Raif gave ?a German-born teacher?s aid his bridging visa back so his ?application for a permanent partner visa could be heard. His bridging visa was cancelled after he was charged with indecent treatment of a child.

On May 16, AAT member Linda Kirk overturned decisions?to ?cancel visas of US-born armed robbers?despite finding there ?is a risk of the applicant continuing to reoffend?. End of quote.

And of course there?s old mate, Milt. Quote:

Last Monday, AAT member Milton Griffin QC quashed the decision to cancel the visa of a ?Fijian who lost his visa after convictions during nine court ?appearances from 2003 to 2017. End of quote.