The real differences between National & Labour: Part one

It?s easy to look at both main political parties by applying the broad brush approach and coming to the conclusion there is not much to differentiate between them. On a day to day basis, it is often the case that we conclude that National would not have executed a particular policy much differently to Labour, or would not change a specific policy, hence the term Labour-lite.

There are however real differences and they are becoming more apparent by the day due; mainly to the level of inexperience, incompetence and sheer ineptness of the Coalition of Losers. These people are so hopeless one would be reluctant to run the risk of letting them loose in a brewery to pour a drink.

The most important difference between National and Labour is that National believes in personal responsibility and in providing the means whereby there is an incentive for people who want to succeed.

The other important difference is the ability to run the economy. That really is a no-contest.

Compare that to what we are witnessing from this government. They are simply applying their political philosophy. In reality, it is very different from National’s. Negligent spending of money. No hand ups, only handouts leading to a complete lack of personal and parental responsibility. They are implementing policies National wouldn?t even dream about.

Let?s look at some of the major portfolio areas:

FINANCE (easy one)

  • National – believes in taking less from the taxpayer .
  • Labour – TAX TAX TAX TAX TAX TA…


  • National – Had mechanisms in place to make people on benefits accountable. Had to actively look for a job. Penalties for not naming the father of the child.
  • Labour – All restrictions gone. No responsibilities whatsoever. Then they wonder why Shane can?t get the nephews and others off the couch. The numbers on welfare have increased. Poverty has increased. All numbers in this area have increased. What a surprise! All in the name of a kind, caring government bringing in a ‘Wellbeing’ Budget.


  • National – Embraced Charter schools which specifically helped those in the lower socioeconomic groups where the state system had failed them. Students had all the basics paid for including uniforms.
  • Labour – Told what to do by their Union paymasters so to hell with the kids, got rid of Charter schools and put the students back in the system that failed them in the first place. Brilliant! All in the name of a kind and caring government bringing in a wellbeing Budget. HYPOCRITES!


  • National – Revised the state housing stock and replaced some to make more economic use of the land to more speedily accommodate those on the housing list.
  • Labour – KIWIBUILD! A concept doomed to failure from the outset. How did they ever think it would work? They?ve ended up with houses at prices not much different to the open market, but with restrictions.

Adrian Orr is now saying if Kiwibuild did take off it would restrict the number of houses that the private sector can build due to manpower and other shortages. Phil Twyford disputes that – saying Kiwibuild will add to the numbers being built. Really? How can he possibly come to that conclusion? He?s adding when he should be subtracting. Phil should stick to state housing as that?s what a kind and caring government introducing a wellbeing Budget should be doing.

To be continued…