The real differences between National & Labour: Part two

Let?s compare and contrast some more portfolio areas between the two parties.


  • National – Built more prisons to house the burgeoning prison population. Introduced many training programmes into the prisons to assist prisoners in returning to the community.
  • Labour – The criminal?s best friend. What the hell are you doing in here? Where?s the key? I?ll let you out. Totally soft on crime. As Cindy mouthed off the other day in her schoolgirl like manner with her Colgate smile – “We don?t want anyone in prison”. How kind and caring is that! Hard to beat!! Oh, I forgot, there?s a wellbeing Budget coming.


  • National- Not always perfect but a damn sight better at it than the current lot. At least they tried to avoid druggies and the harassing types.
  • Labour – If you?re somewhat of an unsavoury character but have the right people to go into bat for you then your chances are very good. On the other hand, if you?re hard working and provide employment such as running a successful restaurant then you?ll probably be asked to leave. Kind and caring, but to the wrong people!


  • National – Responsible spending of money. Roads were rightly the priority and not just half-baked safety measures. Proper highways where they were needed. Funding for public transport limited to major projects e.g. the CRL.
  • Labour – Irresponsible spending of money on crazy ideas. Dominion Road trams. The road is 7.3 kms long and they are proposing EIGHT tram stops. That?s one every 800 METRES!

Maybe the idea is that you bike to the tram stop using the cycle lane which is no doubt between the footpath and the bus lane. JAG would approve of that. Carless road. Hamilton to Papakura so-called commuter train. Line not even electrified. An old diesel taking ninety minutes to chug the distance. Then transfer to an Auckland train. If you look at the daily time and cost, who in their right mind would use it? No one is buying houses at Te Kauwhata so it doesn?t need to stop there. Must be a lot of houses being sold at Rotokauri though as I understand it will stop there. It will never ever be viable.


  • National – Apart from two black marks re Israel and the sheep deal National showed a real understanding of what was required, especially in the trade area. John Key, Tim Groser and Todd McClay all served the country well.
  • Labour – This area for Labour and the COL is fast becoming a disaster of Titanic proportions. A combination of insulting other world leaders and getting offside with major trading partners puts you on the road to disaster. I hardly think the Chinese will be impressed if they get to hear our Minister of Foreign Affairs using the name of their country in a belittling manner in a pathetic attempt to ridicule another MP. Winston is also sometimes hard to understand in QT! The girlie PM hasn?t a clue and the aged pensioner is clearly past it. Comrade Cindy needs to realise this is an actual country she?s running, not the Communist Youth Movement.

The point I?m endeavouring to make is that, while the perception of Labour-lite can hold true from time to time, there are very real differences in important areas. The basic philosophies of National and Labour are poles apart. I believe when National are re-elected they will definitely make the necessary changes.

What National needs now is a Leader who can both introduce policies which highlight the philosophical differences and then articulate them. Any idea who that might be?