The Speaker attends Labour party caucus

Photoshopped image credit: SadButTrue

The Labour caucus, being the largest section of the government, retired to a retreat at Martinborough, Wairarapa on Wednesday; they intend to discuss their flagship policies, the plans for the year ahead and, no doubt, a lot of other things. Jacinda referred to 2019 as the ‘year of delivery’. Time will tell if there will be delivery of any policy, let alone good policy. Nevertheless, it is time the government actually did something. All we have had from them so far is a lot of empty promises.

All of the Labour caucus was there. Iain Lees-Galloway apparently wore a T-shirt which said, “I am the boss guy”. Has Lees-Galloway not heard of Aaron Gilmore? Bragging about who you are attracts the ire of the media… if you are a National MP, at least. quote.

Workplace Minister and former union official Iain-Lees Galloway is in a T-shirt saying “I’m the boss guy”.

Willie Jackson effuses about the tennis in Melbourne where he watched Roger Federer being knocked out by a young Adonis.

Speaker Trevor Mallard not only turns up, which is unusual – he doesn’t normally go to caucus – but he has turned up in sharply ironed Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

The Prime Minister cooed over baby Neve in the arms of one of the grandmothers. end quote.

So Neve was there, was she? As there were media there too, of course the prime minister brought her baby. Some of the news, like the total failure of Kiwibuild, was going to be unpalatable, so baby Neve had to be there to provide a distraction if things got rough for Jacinda.

And after that, there was….

Hang on a minute. Did I read that right? Let me check. quote.

Speaker Trevor Mallard not only turns up, which is unusual – he doesn’t normally go to caucus – but he has turned up in sharply ironed Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

  newstalk zb end quote.

The Speaker was there? At a Labour caucus meeting?

Isn’t the Speaker supposed to be completely neutral?

What can you say to that?

Mallard has often been accused of favouring Labour in the house, and particularly of protecting Jacinda Ardern. Of course, these accusations have always been completely rejected. There is no doubt that Mallard has been very tough on National MPs in the last year, penalising them excessively on many occasions. Even the media, who are mostly both left wing and Jacinda sycophants, have admitted on occasion that Mallard is not always fair in his treatment of National MPs in the house. Up until now, no one has actually come out and called him biased. It has been a close call, but it has not happened so far.

How can you possibly call him anything else now?

I am completely stunned that both the media and the Labour party itself have just let this pass without comment. The media should be all over this, but they are not. That tells you everything you need to know.

Imagine if David Carter had done something like this. He never did. David Carter behaved exactly as a Speaker should, and stayed away completely from all National caucus meetings, until he had retired as speaker.

What a shambles of a government this really is.

With a biased speaker, the opposition has no chance of gaining traction. They will continue to be penalised and to have questions taken off them, because the Speaker simply cannot contain his bias. He is a Labour man through and through.

We already knew that, of course, but now Mallard has publicly nailed his colours to the mast. He supports the government entirely and he doesn’t even bother to hide it.