The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Having been off on holiday and then off on a junket to Davos, our very own world-famous unwed mother and Prime Minister, Ms Ardern, deserved our welcome mat. To make her feel more comfortable enjoying the roast we banned adults from the table so that she could mingle with the children, the demographic she appears to feel most at home with.

Ms Ardern was a standout selection as our special guest for the Sunday Roast having appeared every day this week.

First up was Christie’s article looking at Chris Trotter’s blog post about his fellow left-winger.

Jdogg took the first slice of the roast. Quote.

Reading the highlights and updates from Davos.
A bunch of billionaires jibber jabbering with agendas deciding what’s best for the rest of the world.
You’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth is she doing there.
There’s nothing to gain for NZ but, clearly a lot to gain for herself.
Its insulting to think our taxes are funding this swanning around.
True Labour voters would and should, be horrified. End quote.

MacDoctor picked up on Trotter’s assertion that Ardern was an accomplished ambassador. Quote.

Accomplished ambassador? Really? So far, She has destroyed our relationship with our strongest ally, Australia, insulted the President of the US and spoken to a near empty UN chamber about “kindness”. I think Trotter, like most on the left, is confusing celebrity with competence.

A sentiment echoed by Lindis who cruelly drew a comparison with John Key. Quote.

John Key in my opinion was the one who was the most accomplished ambassador for NZ. Overseas he was impressive and I felt proud for him to represent us. He was smart, engaging, respectful and he always worked for the good of our businesses and country. He seemed to be able to get on with anyone and everyone. An accomplished ambassador must surely get along with the US President which he did but Jacinda Ardern has not .He should not have been overlooked by Chris Trotter. End quote.

libertysparks chipped in with: quote.

Miss Ardern is not a celebrity, but a curiosity. She is an unmarried mother, who happened to have her child out of wedlock at the time first becoming a prime minister of a tiny country way down of the world. There is a curiosity factor in all of this.
But are the world’s political class truly impressed by her sharp intellect or political acumen? No – most are much too smart to be taken in by her shallow media soundbites. She is a moment of entertainment for them, and of no more consequence beyond this. End quote.

Christie’s next post asked “Where’s Cindy again?KGB offered: Quote.

Ardern took 6 weeks off to have a baby, and 6 weeks off for Christmas holidays. We are up to 3 months without counting all her missed days in Parliament. 
This is totally unacceptable by any standards. Juggling a child is her problem, not those who pay her wages.
I would suggest her abuse of the system is exactly why there is no provision in parliament for maternity leave. I am serious when I suggest she should ?clock in and out.?
Hone was warned about his lack of attendance, and Mallard needs to look at her absences. A child is not a prop, or an excuse for laziness. end quote.

And Allan opined: Quote.

As I have stated many times. Cindy is as shallow as a carpark puddle. She has absolutely no real life experience. Her work experience is zilch and she has not got the wherewithall to carry out the job that she was piggy backed into. She does not understand the gravitas of the position that she holds and as far as I am concerned she will never by my representative. I am embarrased by the fact that she is the face of the NZ Government. We must be the laughing stock of the world. End quote.

Christie continued her on-fire contributions with “Jacinda is starting to lose it.” Warren picked up the conversation with: Quote.

She is not like a Key or English, who could answer questions off the cuff. She know’s nothing about the economy and how it works, nothing about building houses (like Twyford). She cant answer questions unless she has been given them the day before, for her spin doctors to give her the answers. I bet if Hosking wants to have her back on, on Tuesdays, his questions will have to be given to her on the Monday. Look what happened when she was asked about GDP. She didn’t have a clue what the hell that was. She will crack in the very near future. End quote.

But Huia rushed to Ardern’s aid with her support. (Not.) Quote.

I think you are being a bit hard on her.
It must be tiring with all this travelling.
Photo shoots really takes it out of you, as does the continual round of Kindergarten visits. Its exhausting wrenching those B?. ankle boots on every day for a start, not to mention overseeing the renovation of the PM’s residence, plus worrying about your foreign criminal mates.
RSI in the arm can also be a problem and very painful (mainly for those working and paying), RSI can be caused by handing out millions to all and sundry, especially those who do not contribute to the running of the country.
Dragging ‘unwilling’ heavy baggage around the world can play havoc with your mental ability, but he is her choice and the father of the baby.
Being a rich and famous “Star”, must be wearying I imagine. Mind you, it would be worse if you were actually working at the job you scored ??.that would really be exhausting. End quote.

Golly, the last slice of roast is gone, we are out of parsnips and gravy and we never even got round to discussing Christie’s article on Ardern returning to her communist roots.

Clearly we will have to ask her back on a future Sunday; there is so much to talk about!