The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

Our special guest this week is back for a second helping but that is not surprising as he is very fond of his own voice and especially his own ‘jokes’. It was these oh-so-clever school-boy jibes that earned him guest status this week.

Early in the week Whaleoil Staff drew our attention to the video of Winston in the House

Also on fire was LesleyNZ with her reaction to the Peters’ performance: Quote.

No matter what you think of Simon Bridges I am disgusted at what I have seen and heard in this video clip. There was Winston mocking Simon Bridges and the very kind Prime Minister who says we should all show kindness laughing in unison with the mocking and holding onto her nose. The Labour led coalition government behaved like bullies do at school. And there was Jamie Lee-Ross (who should have resigned by now) laughing along with the mockers. And he has been pleading depression? Our country is run by a bunch of nasty clowns. If it were anyone else in any other job mocking someone like this because of the way they speak, they would be reported to the human right’s commisson or whatever it is called. Winston is on fire and he is burning up. Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes this time? End quote.

MacDoctor was also quick with his diagnosis of Peters’ pestilence: Quote.

What a vile creep. And surrounded by a pack of sycophantic laughing hyenas. And where was the Speaker? Laughing with his mates instead of reprimanding Peters.

So this is what “Kindness” looks like to the jackals we have running the country? End quote.

As was sarahmw with her take on Peters’ putdowns and polling: Quote.

Sad, bitter old man who’s only ability is to bully , makes sarcastic remarks about someone’s speech pronunciation , and showing what a clown he is. Hello… poverdy! ? And how about your polling eh Winston. Never voted for the nasty old fool and never will. Saw through the man years ago. He’s not on fire just the usual nasty old vindictive fool he has always been. Ha ha ha look at the sheep ha ha ing to he who must be obeyed. End quote.

The next day SB provided commentary on the speech.

And the guests around the table once again gave Peters no peace with Osiris picking up the conversation: Quote.

That was 20 minutes of Peters running scared. The bluster and attacks on Bridges was to hide the glaring holes in his own performance and trashing his followers. He is scared of being held to account and hoping that a smokescreen will make the questions go away. Forget it Winston. You have completely blown it and shown your true colours. Until now, science has used the half life of some nuclear particles to measure tiny slices of time. Now they have a new standard: the time it takes Peters to abandon a bottom-line principle.

And, Winston, how have you explained to your fellow MPs that they need to start brushing up on their CVs?

He’ll be OK though. As he told us in the speech, he earns as much in a month as National MPs do in a year. Without doubt, a very successful businessman, Winston? Care to enlighten us as to how you can earn better than $2m annually? Obviously it doesn’t involve filling in forms! 
Please go. Just move on ….. End quote.

SAM51 popped into the dinner chat with an impertinent question: Quote.

I thought that Mallard was meant to be having an enquiry into bullying at Parliament? To mock someones diction or accent (as he did with Pansy Wong) is outright bullying – its schoolyard stuff. Who mocks Ardern for saying somethink, poverdy etc in parliament? Peters is a classic bully and although we could see Ardern, who has no room to laugh at the way others talk, I would like to have seen Mallards face. Being a bully boy himself he was also probably laughing. End quote.

Later in the week Mike Hosking quizzed Peters about it all and Suze transcribed the interaction for us.

It was at this point that sonovaMin pointed out some hard truths: it is all about air time and what will get eyeballs and clicks: Quote.

I don’t think it was juvenile, whaleoil commentators mercessly mock Ardern’s mangling of english. So do we take it on the chin and say we are juvenile.
Bridges needs to improve his diction and pronunciation dramatically if he wants to be taken seriously.
The rough and tumble of politics will always see personal attacks. That’s life – no use moaning about it. It is Peter’s stock and trade.
If a leader folds like a cheap suit after a bit of verbal then what use is he as leader.
It should be noted that Peter’s tirade was the only thing to get airplay on the News.
Bridges fine words and logic – nothing. End quote.

So the wrap up was left to Sir Cullen’s Sidekick who moved us all to the moral high ground. Quote.

Let us be clear on one thing. Winston would not have got it past Whale Oil moderators for sure 🙂 End quote.