The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

One challenge writing for a popular blog like Whaleoil is that one needs to keep providing fresh articles for the wonderful readers. Sometimes subject matter can be hard to find, but certainly not for Christie at the moment.

Capital Gains Tax is providing Christie so much material she has worn out 4.5 keyboards this week alone. (Hmmm, might need to check that figure with her, could be getting confused with windfarms.)

The guest of honour for the Sunday roast this week could be none other than Sir Michael Capital-Gains-Tax Cullen who, it seems, is not all that popular with the Oilers.

Christie kicked off the discussion with an interesting statistic:

And finished that article with the observation: Quote.

Jacinda, Grant Robertson and Michael Cullen say that Capital Gains Tax is all about being ?fair?. I say it is all about destroying aspiration and hard work. A very interesting battle is about to start. End quote.

And really that is all that the proponents ever say about it. “It is fair.” Fair for whom? How is ‘fair’ measured?

If 6 equitables = 1 fair, how many fairs = 4 wellbeings per just transition when taxed at 33%? Worth 10% of your final grade, please show your working.

Steve was quick off the mark with his helping of succulent Whalemeat roast lamb: Quote.

On what basis do IWI businesses only pay 17.5% if everyone else pays 33%.
Completely racist and can only be there to ensure Maori loyalty.
In addition, living in Rodney district I and thousands of others live in homes located on more than 4500 sq mtrs.
Many are 10,000 sq mtrs so are are not farms but have been the family home for years.
Based on this Cullen’s statement that the family home will not be touched is just an outright lie End quote.

And Sally scooped a spoonful of spuds to add: Quote.

I am now in the same situation. Sold a large family home to a young family and moved into the country with a bit of land just to get away from city living. Now Cullen has decided he wants a slice of my children’s inheritance just because we preferred to have a bit of dirt than a bricks and wood structure in the middle of the city. End quote.

Dee West went straight to the after dinner mints with: Quote.

I guess we learnt one thing today, Michael Cullen has an art collection. End quote.

Then the actual announcement was made and Christie dropped a bombshell – surprising us all [NOT] with the announcement that the working group had recommended a CGT.

Huia was livid and seemed to be on a mission to ensure that Cullen got his just desserts: Quote.

I have just discovered that the TWG will not allow home based businesses (typically small) to claim business expenses if they want to get their home exempt from CGT. In other words, they are effectively stopping new and existing businesses from operating from home. My accountant is fuming!! He says many accountants will be. We live in a high value house but create modest business profits. If this goes through, we would consider shutting up shop. Nice one Cullen.
How stupid. I mean seriously? What business cannot claim expenses and survive? For God’s sake. I have a good mind to ring Cullen or one of his TWG members and give them an earful. This CGT really meets Taxinda’s concept of fairness, silly woman. End quote.

Seeking to get the conversation noise levels back down to that of a jet on take-off Bert Piepoint suggested: Quote.

I suspect this is the classic bad cop-good cop scenario. Cullen goes in boots and all frightening the bejesus out of all tax paying targets. Cindy & Robbo come back with a watered down version after much faux sympathy, to which we all breathe a sigh of relief and casually bend over and take it like good sheeple. End quote.

Piling a dollop of cream on his plate of dessert, John opined drily: Quote.

What makes me angry is apparently we paid him $1000/day to come up with this garbage. End quote.

While Archilochus sagely made a pertinent observation and asked a very pertinent question: Quote.

Cullen’s CGT is a license to rape and pillage Middle New Zealand but it will also have negative consequences for the less well off through greatly increased rents. Since when did taxing anything make it cheaper? Be under no illusion that if this CGT is implemented the screws will be progressively tightened to impact almost everyone negatively. Another major test for Peters looms. Will he fail this one too? End quote.

Huia took the last of the after dinner mints as she noted: Quote.

If Winston let’s the CGT through the the gate in any form, his betrayal, will be complete. End quote.