The ugly green face of modern anti-Semitism

Terrorist-hugging commie nutbar Jeremy Corbyn is overseeing a sweeping anti-Semitism that will forever blight the British Labour Party. In Australia, the Greens are cornering the market in mainstreaming Jew-hating. Quote:

Theirs is a party of bigotry at the organisational level, yet no Greens MP is brave or honest enough to expose the hypocrisy. On the one hand, Greens spout sweet-sounding words about moral?ity, compassion and tolerance; on the other hand, the party endorses bigotry.

There are a few good people in the party?But even the good people have allowed the NSW party to fall into a habit of bigotry. History warns us that silence emboldens bigots, and that bigotry is a necessary pre?cursor to the sort of political ?fascism responsible for monstrous crimes against humanity. End of quote.

The bigots of the ?BDS? movement splutter indignantly that they?re ?only protesting Israel?s policies?. Which is about as convincing as the Klan swearing, hand on heart, that they were only protesting Republican policies. Quote:

We can disagree over Israeli politics and policies?but when a political party treats the members of a religious group as ?person?ae non gratae, refusin?g to meet them or speak with them, that is bigotry.

If the Liberal Party of Australia refused point blank to engage with credible Muslim groups, we would banish its members as ?bigots?Yet the Greens have a history of out-and-out organisational bigot?ry towards the Jewish community in NSW?none of them have attended special events arranged by the Jewish community to build tolerance and respect?You would be hard-pressed to find more genuinely inclusive events. These are non-political. Yet still the Greens have, for years, refused to be part of these dinners. End of quote.

Despite their open Jew-hating (last year, in a council election in Melbourne?s Jewish heartland, Greens activists sent a bag of shekels to a Jewish councillor), the Greens hypocritically preen and declare themselves ?on the right side of history?. Which only brings to mind the angelic Hitler Youth kid singing, ?Tomorrow belongs to me?, in Cabaret. Quote:

It is hypocrisy of the highest order, given that the Greens read?ily condemn the bigotry of others. Last year, the party?s federal leader Richard Di Natale slammed ?senator Fraser Anning for using the language of the Nazis when he referred to a ?final solution to the (Muslim) immigration problem?. Di Natale said such language was ?vile, racist, bigoted and has no place in our society?. Agreed.

The bigotry of the Greens has no place in Australia either. Sadly, the NSW Young Greens have learned the oldest hatred from their party organisation. A few years ago, they refused to attend a conference held at NSW Parliament House by the Australasian Union of Jewish Students. Labor and Liberal students attended. End of quote.

The boot-boys of the fringe right have been up to their usual tricks, play-acting as stormtroopers, but the fact is that those twats are mostly idiot kids who?ve watched Romper Stomper too many times. The really insidious bigotry is that practised by a mainstream political party. Quote:

In recent months, neo-Nazi cowards hiding behind the Antipodean Resistance label have posted vile, bigoted and racist posters around Sydney and Melbourne near schools, synagogues and other buildings?But let?s not kid ourselves. The organisational bigotry within the Greens is a slyer form of anti-Semiti?sm?

?The next time a Greens politician brags about their progressive credentials, remember the organisational bigotry by the Greens towards Australian Jews.

Right now, a vote for the Greens ? primary or ?preference ? is a vote for bigotry. End of quote.