The year of delivery

Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Jacinda has identified 2019 as the ‘year of delivery’ for her government. quote.

Speaking to the Labour party caucus at a retreat in Martinborough, Ms Ardern said the previous year had been “huge” as the Government focused on setting up the infrastructure that will enable a “significant change in direction for New Zealand”.

“[We were] reinvesting in those core services, in health and education and housing through our Budget, setting up what is required to turn around the degradation of our waters,” she said.
“That work has now been set in place. 2019 is now the year that a lot of delivery will be required of us and is actually already underway.” end quote.

Sorry. I must have slept through the whole of last year. What exactly have they done in health and education, except preside over a number of strikes? Oh yes, that’s right. They have destroyed charter schools and given free tertiary education to kids whose parents can afford to pay for it. Truly transformational. quote.

Ms Ardern mentioned child wellbeing strategies, work on the tax system, and mental health policy as among the “long list of areas” where the Government was in “delivery mode”. end quote.

There’s that word again. ‘Wellbeing’. It is a mantra for this government. Defining it, however, is another matter. How can there be ‘wellbeing’ for families when they do not have housing? Kiwibuild has just been declared a failure and surely the cornerstone of their ‘wellbeing’ policies must be housing. There can be no ‘wellbeing’ found living under a bridge. quote.

She made special mention of climate change and the Government’s proposed Zero Carbon Bill as “headline” pieces of work progress would be made on. end quote.

newshub end quote.

Of course she did. This is another mantra for this government. I have said it before, but even if we get to a target of zero carbon, it will not make one iota of difference to the climate. Until we get the big emitters, notably India and China, to reduce their carbon dioxide outputs, nothing we do in New Zealand will make any difference… except cost us all a huge amount of money unnecessarily.

It cracks me up that she claims that ‘work has been set in place’. This government has done nothing so far and has practically no strategies – and the one that it has come up with, Kiwibuild, is now a complete failure.

I think what Jacinda is referring to is the fact that reports from the enormous number of working groups are due to be presented this year. The Tax Working Group has already presented its report to cabinet. If Jacinda’s idea of ‘delivery’ is to saddle us all with a capital gains tax, most of us would prefer that she didn’t do it. After the admitted failure of Kiwibuild, that seems to be the only thing that she is going to ‘deliver’ on.

We have gone from a government that quietly gets on with what is needed to one that talks endlessly about what they are going to do but does nothing. Kiwibuild is the first failure and it is a massive one. Tax policy will be next. No government has ever successfully campaigned on introducing more taxes; it is political suicide. Then will come mental health. The proposed workplace reforms belong in the last century, and they should rename their education policy ‘Yesterday’s Schools’.

There is nothing transformational or progressive about anything they are proposing so far. As for ‘delivery’, with this government’s record, that won’t happen either. Perhaps we should be glad of that. This is one government that I really hope is unable to ‘deliver’ on its promises, because its promises will take us all back to the Dark Ages. We are half way there already.