These young girls are so na?ve

Climate change protest in the Netherlands & Belgium

I understand that currently Greenpeace is behind an Australian school pupil strike in support of action on climate change, as well as one planned in New Zealand. A similar student strike was held in The Netherlands and Belgium yesterday and this strike was encouraged by the European Union. I think this exposes the agenda of the European Union and Greenpeace.

Here are several photos of placards held by these young school pupils. The language and sexual blatancy are just shocking. This is just a handful of samples, but there are many more and even viler comments on various social media. I would be absolutely horrified as a parent if my 13-year-old daughter were walking around with placards like that.

It also goes to show how na?ve these young girls really are, especially given the immigration of hordes of Muslim and African migrants, some of whom would have no hesitation in molesting and raping these girls. One of these silly young girls has even put her mobile phone number on the placard as an invitation to come and ?fuck? her. Can she not see the danger she is putting herself in?

Then there is a photo of a girl with a placard saying ?eat pussy, not cows?. However, after the protest, these school pupils went en masse to places like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, all of whom did a roaring trade. This just exposes the hypocrisy of these climate protests.

Here they are telling us to eat less red meat, but what do they think hamburgers are made from? So while they are protesting against companies they hold responsible for climate change, they are quite happily supporting these companies after these protests.

The left sure have an agenda that spans the world.