They heard the message they needed & wanted to hear

My wife and I travelled from Palmerston North to hear Jordan speak at the Michael Fowler centre in Wellington a few nights ago.

I have to admit to being initially disappointed that he didn’t talk about his 12 rules at all, and instead chose to talk about ‘Toxic Masculinity’ (TM). On reflection I think this was better and certainly very heartfelt.

He spent some time explaining how he likes to have a problem to solve and talk about as it creates an uncomfortable emotion in him, and hence a more passionate talk. Doing the 12 rules talk would have been too easy.

His example of TM was a grade school friend he called Chris, though several times he called him by his real name. Chris had been raised in a family with a passive father, and through his life became convinced that he and the human race were a blight on the planet, and life had no purpose. A life of no purpose, no relationships and no future meant he eventually ended it.

Jordan became quite emotional at several points, and emphasised the absolute necessity of raising kids with an involved father figure, and allowing especially boys, to feel like they could be men.

I expected the crowd to be largely older people, but was pleasantly surprised to find perhaps 10% grey hair, 20% female, with the rest being 25 – 40 yr old professional males. Very obviously they were there to listen and learn. They were often leaning forward and nodding their heads. Hearing the message they needed and wanted to hear.

The show was scheduled to run from 7:30 – 9:20, and went from 7:45 – 10:00, with the only pauses to allow Jordan to regain his composure after a particularly harrowing memory.

I commented to one of the only 5 protestors outside that it was a disappointing turnout by them.