This rainbow casts dark shadows

Caption: Apparently the wedding was themed on “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

Why is it that the poster children for leftist identity politics causes so often turn out to be a tad problematic?

Donna Hylton, key speaker at the inaugural Women?s March, has a rap sheet for torture, rape and murder; indeed, Women?s March organiser Linda Sarsour is a vicious anti-Semite with dodgy connections to Hamas-linked organisations. Another prominent supporter of that first Women?s March was none other than Harvey Weinstein. #MeToo campaigner Asia Argento is accused of raping an underage boy.

Skeletons just keep falling out of the Rainbow brigade?s well-worn closets, too. Quote:

Missing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg used her power as a justice of the peace to marry a gay couple in 2014.

Tuesday, that couple was charged with rape. End of quote.

As John Kerry so famously said, ?he?s not supposed to be doing that?. Quote:

?David Daniels, 52, and his conductor husband Scott Walters, 37, were arrested in Michigan, where they live, on Tuesday night,? according to DailyMail.

RBG made headlines when she married the couple less than five years ago. A year later, the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that allowed gay marriage to become the law of the land.

The couple stands accused of raping Samuel Schultz after a performance in Houston in 2010, three years BEFORE their publicity stunt with Ginsburg. They will be extradited to Texas to face the charges.

?Schultz came forward last August with his allegations, waiving his anonymity as the possible victim of a sex crime to describe how the couple allegedly preyed on him. He reported his claims to the Houston Police Department at the same time,? according to the report.

He described a grizzly [sic] scene in which he blacked out after being offered a drink, only to wake up sore and bleeding.

?Daniels has been accused in the past of soliciting men on Grindr and was reported to police in 2017 for allegedly asking a man to perform a sex act through the app,? the report said. ?He has also previously faced complaints from students at the University of Michigan, where he is a tenured professor including one who sued him in October.? End of quote.

This is not an isolated occurrance in LGBTQI-whatever activist circles. In 2010, the ABC ran a glowing puff-piece advocating same-sex marriage by interviewing two supposedly model gay dads, Mark Newton and Peter Truong. Two years later, the couple were jailed for between 30 and 40 years for peddling their child to an international pedophile ring. The ABC has since disappeared the original story, and replaced it with a self-serving mea culpa.

While obviously the reporter cannot be blamed for failing to twig to two rockspiders ? who are after all well-versed in hiding in plain sight ? the fact that the ABC has sent the original story to the Memory Hole suggests something less than full frankness. We journalists often make mistakes: don?t hide it, preface it with a clarification and an apology. Quote:

The University of Michigan has not fired him, but instead said it would ?closely monitor the situation.? End of quote.

If nothing else, the left looks after its own. Eh, Roman Polanski?

None of this is to suggest that all gays are pedophiles. That would be an abhorrent suggestion. What it does indicate is that journalists need to be aware that activists often have hidden agendas. No doubt most parents of ?transgender? children sincerely want the best for their kids, but activists who tout their offspring as mini-drag queens, performing for money at gay nightclubs and posing for photos and videos with naked men or convicted drug-addicted murderers, might not be the best role models.