Time to name & shame lazy & obstructive MPs?

Blaming you

National MPs blamed Labour MPs for not getting out of bed in time for an 8am meeting. Labour MPs blamed National MPs for staging a walkout to preclude a quorum being formed in a Select Committee this week.  Quote.

During the standoff, about 15 submitters who had travelled to Wellington to have their say on the Government?s Budget Policy Statement and the Pike River Recovery Agency waited outside the meeting room – and were eventually told the meeting had been cancelled.

Otago Daily Times

Under Standing Orders, the meeting cannot take place unless a quorum of at least half the members are present within 10 minutes of the starting time.? End of quote.

The meeting was cancelled, and a bunch of very disappointed people were denied their opportunity to submit their hard work to the Finance and Expenditure Committee.

Later that day in the house, David Carter had the gall to defend the National MP?s who had stepped out of the room to prevent a quorum being formed. Quote.

Carter said National could have come back into the room to allow the meeting to go ahead, ?but it?s not our job?.

?It?s the Government?s job to maintain a quorum and be organised.

?They called the meeting. They are expected to get out of bed and start at 8am.? End of quote.

A reasonable person would expect their member of parliament to be capable of teamwork.  Arguing over whose responsibility it is to form a quorum is simply childish nonsense.  We expect better of our MPs.  Quote.

Asked if all the committee members were just being childish, Carter said: ?The rules are quite clear in Standing Orders. Call a select committee. Have a quorum. If you?re not there within 10 minutes of the start time, the meeting does not take place. It?s not a surprise tactic. Labour did it to National.? End of quote.

I know a three year old with better manners than this lot who went on to play tit-for-tat on social media. Quote.

Wood said the submitters were not impressed, and while Labour MPs invited them in to the meeting to listen, their voices would not have the status of an oral submission.

Carter countered: ?Labour went straight out to the submitters and told them to be pissed off at us.?

National MP Andrew Bayly said it was Labour that wasn?t respecting submitters by being short of numbers at 8am.

Committee MPs then clashed on Twitter. National MP Andrew Falloon said it was a ?shambles?, while Labour’s Kieran McAnulty said National MPs were being ?pathetic?.

“Bull****. You stood outside the meeting. If you were inside it would have started. You chose to play games. Pathetic. ” tweeted McAnulty. End of quote.

Enough! You are worse than little children! Maybe we should be naming and shaming them for their comeuppance at the next election.