Was it appropriate for Winston Peters to make fun of Simon Bridges accent?

Mike Hosking.

Mike Hosking spoke with Winston Peters this week.

Recording starts at 14:35


Is saying ?Choyna? taking the mickey out of Simon Bridges or being funny?


Aww, look? ah? if you want to get up and speak to (indistinct). Why don?t you go and look at the speech that he made? He spent half of his speech attacking me. And I thought, listen, with the greatest respect, Simon, you are not going to get away with it. If you want to?.

Peters is unrepentant over this juvenile tactic.

The adult way to respond to Bridges? criticism would be to debate the points, one by one.  Instead Peter?s chose to be petty and vindictive which is not a good look for a minister.

Winston has not come out of this skirmish looking pretty, instead he presents as petty and vindictive.