Welcome all; to this first meeting

As you are aware, we have been gathered from various corners of the country to bring our collective expertise together to discuss the possibility of convening a committee to investigate the potential for forming a working group to collate the findings of the forum which undertook a review of the outcomes from the conference which followed the summit discussions undertaken as a result of the inquiry into the efficiency issues surrounding the ‘year of delivery’ consultation, as Kate Hawkesby is getting antsy about this in her recent column: Quote.

[…] [The mental health] inquiry handed in its report last November, off the back of more than 400 meetings around the country and about 5000 submissions.

So what’s happened since then? Well, a new working group’s been appointed.

Why? Good question.

Because there was criticism that the original 21-member group tasked with advising the Government on how to act on these findings was stacked with too many officials. Too many people with vested interests of DHBs, but not enough people actually living with any grass roots experience of mental illness.

So it’s been replaced. With what? Well, more working groups. Are we not just repeating the exercise? Will this not just be a duplication of the work already done?

More concerningly, will this now delay any implementation of the recommendations? Is this more bureaucracy for the sake of it?

You can change the makeup sure, but let’s be honest, we’re just adding more working groups here.

Which begs the question: when does this Government stop talking and start doing?

It’s due to formally respond to the inquiry in March ? so in matter of mere weeks, but it needs to act on advice.

Where is that advice now coming from – and will it get to them in time? The timeline on the recommendations being implemented is between March and June of this year.

Mental Health Foundation chief executive Shaun Robinson’s raised concerns. He says it looks a bit like going back to the drawing board. He puts it down to “a learning curve from the ministry in re-engaging with these issues”.

As reported by Jessica McAllen for RNZ; “there’s also confusion among those in the mental health sector around why the Government needs to seek more answers – when that was the whole purpose of the inquiry in the first place”. […]

So what have we got?

Working groups still working, new working groups replacing working groups already put in place, and more chat around whose in the working groups.

Surely in this, the PM’s self proclaimed ‘year of delivery’, the rhetoric, the talk, the working groups and inquiries, need to start wrapping up. And we need to see some definitive action. End quote.

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So, we need to progress the agenda of this meeting as we are starting on the back foot, behind the eight-ball, with two months of the ‘year of delivery’ already behind us; no trees planted; only 47 Kiwibuilds claimed after taking them over from developers; unemployment up, waiting lists for everything from hip replacements to state houses skyrocketing; zero windfarms; foodbanks overwhelmed; Taranaki crippled; no trams down Dominion Road; record numbers of hours lost through strikes that we would not have; Chinese tourism down the gurgler; questions over the payment for the alcohol that the Young Labour kids drank at the camp; and do not mention Metiria.