Whaleoil book review: 75 (NZ) Squadron history

This book review is a little different as one of the authors, Chris Newey sent the below information and the link for purchase to a couple of our Oilers.

Hi [redacted}

You may have seen it already on Facebook but just to let you know that the new 75 (NZ) Squadron history (soft cover edition) is now published and available on Amazon:

It?s been very exciting seeing the?book?come together, and although I haven?t seen a physical copy yet, I?m sure it will be of great interest to the 75 (NZ) Squadron community.

As well as 300 pages of text, based on the squadron Operational Record?Books, it contains almost 400 photographs, the most comprehensive pictorial record of the squadron to date.?

Popeye features in quite a few places! Thanks again for your help in putting this collection together.?

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This book is the latest of the? RAF Bomber Command Profiles that were first published in the 1990?s and takes and extends the original format.
Due to the special character of the Squadron, and the level of interest, Chris Ward and the publishers wanted to obtain input and perspective from New Zealand, and approached the NZ Bomber Command Assn. for assistance.

[…] The last history of the squadron, ?Forever Strong?, was published in 1991, 27 years ago. While it contained many valuable personal recollections and photographs, there were some factual errors, and not a lot of operational detail. Given that, and the rare opportunity that this project represents, there was a determination from both parties to make the book as accurate as possible, and the photo collection as comprehensive as possible.

The text is written by Bomber Command specialist Chris Ward, and like his other Profiles, it is based around the squadron?s Operational Record Books. However he brings a detailed knowledge of 3 Group and the broader sweep of events that the squadron operated in, and makes the narrative easy to follow.

[…] There are 395 photos included, many previously un-published, plus copies of rare documents, the NZBCA?s archives supplemented by sources that include the Air Force Museum of NZ, Archives NZ, Simon Sommerville?s 75nzsquadron.com,?Auckland War Memorial Online Cenotaph, and several collectors, families and individuals who generously contributed to the project.


You can grab your own copy by clicking on this link.