Whaleoil’s political crystal ball

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When it comes to accurate political predictions and insights, no one is better than our (currently on sick leave) editor Cameron Slater. He has been involved in politics since he was a teenager and his contacts and political knowledge are legendary.

Cameron, however, is not our only source of insight into New Zealand’s political future. We also have regular articles from Australian journalist Lushington Brady. Some readers have asked us why Whaleoil has an Australian correspondent and why we publish articles about Australian politics.

Let me explain.

Leighton Smith, when he was still on radio, would always repeat that he would report on stories from the USA and the UK and Australia because what happens there inevitably happens here in New Zealand.

When Lushington Brady tells us what is happening with the main parties in Australia, he is describing New Zealand’s future 5 years or so down the track.

Patterns are obvious and when it comes to the problems Australia is now having with refugees, African gangs, Muslim terrorism and Islamic cultural differences, we are being shown New Zealand’s future if we do not change our direction.

When you see so-called ‘Populist parties’ gaining momentum it is always in response to changes in the country that are upsetting the voters. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is doing well now; yet, in the beginning, it was laughed at by other parties.

There is no strong demand for a party like that in New Zealand right now but that is only because things haven’t got that bad yet. If we were sensible, we would close the stable door before the horse has bolted and we’d learn from Australia’s mistakes.

What is going on in Australia is very relevant to us in New Zealand. Every time you read one of Lushy’s articles consider it a peek into New Zealand’s future if we don’t do things differently.