When is a policy discussion not a working group review?

A trick question to get the grey cells working this morning. You all knew the answer, obviously. When ‘we’ do a review it is a good thing, when ‘they’ do a review it is a bad thing. That is the way politics works.

It seems that Simon has got out the old manual on how to lose an election and is giving it another go. Surely the fact that it has failed to work twice before in 2002 and 2017 doesn’t count? It is just like socialism – it only fails every time because people don’t do it right. Simon is going to get it right this time – promise! Quote.

National will lead the policy debate in 2019 by releasing eight discussion documents with new ideas to tackle the serious issues facing New Zealanders, and to help ensure New Zealand remains a great place to live, work and raise a family, Simon Bridges says.

“National is a hard-working, constructive Opposition focused on holding the Government to account and putting forward ideas to improve the lives of New Zealanders. As part of that we?re undertaking the biggest policy development process by an opposition in over a decade, and ensuring New Zealanders can have their say.

“Our policy discussion documents will cover issues including the economy, law and order, infrastructure, education and health. You will see us stick to our core principles like ensuring New Zealanders can keep more of what they earn and providing world class public services.

We will also propose some new thinking for discussion, and take the feedback on board.

“Our first discussion document will be released this month and focus on the environment. We know New Zealanders trust us to look after the economy, we want them to know they can trust us with the environment as well.

If people trusted you to look after the economy you would be sitting on the Treasury benches, looking after the economy, surely?

“These documents build on the first phase of our policy development process – our Have Your Say campaign which has seen 10,000 New Zealanders so far give us their ideas for improving their lives in areas including families, small business, looking after our seniors and supporting rural New Zealand.

“Our final Have Your Say campaign will be targeted at young New Zealanders. We want to hear from them how we can help make their lives better and create more opportunities for them here in New Zealand.

“We agree with the Prime Minister that this is the year of delivery. But we won?t be waiting for the Government – we will get on with delivering our positive plans and proposals throughout 2019 and 2020 so New Zealanders know what National will do in the 2020s. End quote.

National had nine years to deliver on RMA reform, on roads of national significance, on saying no to the climate scam, on proper tax breaks, on killing tax bracket creep and so forth. How exactly are you going to deliver when you are in opposition, Simon? Why steal Ardern’s slogans and give them legitimacy? Quote.

“We will also continue to put forward proposals and members bills on issues we think are important in this term in Parliament, as well as working with the Government on areas we agree on like tackling climate change and reducing child poverty. End quote.

And that is where you will lose your core support once again. There is absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zero, nil, naught, zilch, nix that New Zealand can do that can in any way, shape, or form change the climate. The climate is going to do what the climate is going to do. Tackle real problems! Quote.

“We are doing the work in Opposition so that should we earn the right to govern again in 2020 we will hit the ground running. Unlike this Government we won?t be reliant on hundreds of reviews and working groups and we won?t allow New Zealand to stall.” End quote.


So National are not going to be reliant on reviews and working groups looking at policy, just discussion documents and feedback looking at policy.

Right! Got it!