Will Seymour rail against ‘womansplaining’ House of Travel ad?

All sizzle, no sausage!

On talkback radio on Sunday, we got to hear from Act leader David Seymour discussing the recent Kiwibuild bagging, social media ad from the National Party. You know the one, where the pretty ex-brunette has her Kiwibuild enthusiasm slightly adjusted by an informed bloke at a bbq.

There are times when Mr Seymour really should think before he speaks. Unfortunately his opinion of the frankly innocuous ad, was that it was sexist, and belonged in the 70’s.

Good grief man, get a grip. The people who vote for Act probably couldn’t care less about the ad. I would imagine a few of them were probably a bit gutted that they hadn’t thought to put out something as clever. And the voters you’re trying to get from those other parties probably just slide you down another notch on their like-ability scales and up another notch on their cringe scales.

But if that’s they way he really thinks, I expect Mr Seymour will cross to the dark side and join the hordes of screaming sculls that will no doubt be complaining about the awful, womansplaining, anti-white, sexist, racist, House of Travel ad that is currently screening on the tele.

Surely this ad must be banned! It shows a pretty dark haired woman, talking down to a caricature of a dumb white male who thinks it is better to use the internet to buy your airline tickets, rather than use a travel agent. (Oh my God I’m so triggered!)

The poor thick, greasy haired bloke, after snorting beer out of his nose, quickly acknowledges his lack of intelligence in the ways of travel booking and concedes that the lovely young lady is his intellectual superior!

This ad is almost exactly the opposite of the National Party ad, but what’s the bet we won’t hear a peep out of the lefties as they seem to think that only anti women things can be sexist, and I’m sure ‘womansplaining’ just doesn’t register in their tiny brains as an actual thing. I guess they will say it’s okay cause the chicks not blonde and there is not only white people but brown and yellow people in it too so it ticks a few ‘diversity’ boxes.

Now I’m sure every man in existence has at some point in their life been the victim of womansplaining. But we suck it up, just as normal women suck it up when we are guilty of mansplaining to them.

I’m sure my wife gets frustrated when she is trying to explain to me how and what to feed all the animals we have, (I’ve still got no idea. Why does each of the 20 horses need different food?) And equally, I know I get frustrated after trying to explain exactly what a torx bit screwdriver looks like when she then brings me an F clamp!

So why do people get so worked up over harmless things like the ‘all sizzle, no sausage’ ad? And will the same people get just as stressed over the very similar travel ad?

I’m guessing not, and I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing from the leader of the Act Party about it either. Perhaps he should stick to the twerking rather than impersonating a muppet!

David Seymour & Muppet: Photoshopped image