Winston smells blood in the water

Great White Shark smile, Sharks may have the healthiest teeth in the animal kingdom, it turns out.

Yesterday at the start of parliament for the year, there was no kindness from the Coalition government for National leader Simon Bridges. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Winston Peters went after Bridges and made the most of his weakness after the disastrous poll results.

Despite his own party’s poll results being terrible, Winston Peters went on the offensive and treated Bridges as his prey, mercilessly pulling him to bits in front of a laughing audience. quote.

Simon Bridges had a bad Monday thanks to a devastating poll – and his week’s not getting any better.
On Tuesday, Parliament […] witnessed the first public roast of the year, courtesy of Winston Peters.

[…] He began by mocking National for drafting an amendment that the Speaker said was “not in proper form”.
“It just about encapsulates what’s going on in Opposition. Can’t even draw and draft a motion to this House properly so it’s acceptable.
“Why does Mr Bridges pick these special debates to publicly humiliate himself?” he went on.

His next comments were interrupted by Mr Bridges, who called out “tell us about China”. It was a fatal mistake.
“I’ll tell you about China, but not ‘Choina‘,” Mr Peters retorted to uproarious laughter.
“I’m becoming an expert on China, but ‘Choina‘, I don’t know anything about that country unless a new rock has jumped up in the Pacific.”

[…] The mockery caused much hilarity in the House, with even the Prime Minister struggling to hide her laughter as she covered her face.
Mr Peters went on to lambast Mr Bridges’ “addled” speech as having “no vision, no plan, no answers, just some vacuous marketing announcements to keep the wolves from his own door”.

[…] He mocked Mr Bridges for saying National would repeal the UN Migration Pact, “which he and his colleagues signed up to”.
He also criticised him for telling the media he didn’t support the GCSB blocking Spark’s bid to use Huawei equipment in its new 5G network,
when his party passed the legislation.

[…] He said Mr Bridges was leading his party with “no business experience at all”.
“He doesn’t know what it’s like to run a business. Doesn’t know what it is to fill out monthly reports. Doesn’t know how to pay wages. He’s got no experience at all, unlike some of us.” […] end quote.