With one voice

Democratic-socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (or She-Guevara as one wag named her) has obviously been on an undercover junket to New Zealand to talk to Shaw, Ardern, Genter, Woods et al in order to frame her Green New Deal proposal.

Ocasio-Cortez clearly does not have the brain cells herself to create a document like this, as she recently told a reporter that the world will end in 12 years. (Current time left to finish the dishes, here) She also claimed unemployment was low because everyone has two jobs or that it was low because everyone worked 80 hours per week.

So what has Ocasio-Cortez borrowed from our wonderful leaders to include in her Green New Deal? The full document for the 10 year plan is available here. Quote.

Move America to 100% clean and renewable energy End quote.

Dr Woods is assisting with the estimation of how many windfarms per year this will take and Ardern is advising on plugging all the US oil wells. [sarcasm]

I will leave this image from her website here without comment. You are all quite capable of seeing the irony. Quote.

Build infrastructure to create resilience against climate change-related disasters. End quote.

Here, it is local government that has its hand out for 18 billion or whatever to replace everything near a coast or river. Quote.

Upgrade or replace every building in US … End quote.

It seems that Twyford has been dropped from the consultancy group on this one. No idea why … Quote.

Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary.

End quote.

It is not stated when the first New York – London train service will be scheduled. Just sometime in this 10-year plan. Genter is our go-to person for this, ably assisted by the consultant transport planner father of their child. quote.

Work with farmers and ranchers to create a … greenhouse gas free food system … End quote.

The Greens and their enablers, Greenpeace, will assist with the closing down of the US dairy sector once they have honed their techniques here in New Zealand. Quote.

Remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere … by afforestation … End quote.

Jonesy and his billion trees were the model for this one. I wonder if anyone has told Ocasio-Cortez that forests absorb only CO2, not so much the other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Let’s hope she has more success getting the nephs off the couch. Quote.

Make the US the leader in addressing climate change … End quote.

Green New Deal

Sorry love, the NZ First led coalition government has already claimed that title, did they not mention that in your meeting?

The Green New Deal witters on about new jobs, all unionised of course, and guaranteed jobs with universal basic wages, clearly inspired by our union bovver boys Little, Lees-Galloway and Hipkins.

Ocasio-Cortez says, ?the question isn?t how will we pay for it, but what will we do with our new shared prosperity?, something she seems to have picked up from Shaw.

Since writing the post I see that WUWT reports:

Sometimes, something is just so over-the-top stupid, that you have to disappear it. That?s what has happened to Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with her ?New Green Deal?, which made ?greenhouse gas reductions? down to ZERO the centerpiece of her policy. It was so ridiculous, so embarrassingly bad, that it had to be disappeared: