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abandon (verb) – 1. To withdraw one’s support or help from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance, or responsibility; desert.
2. To give up by leaving or ceasing to operate or inhabit, especially as a result of danger or other impending threat.
3. To surrender one’s claim to, right to, or interest in; give up entirely.
4. To cease trying to continue; desist from.
5. To yield (oneself) completely, as to emotion.

(noun) – Great enthusiasm or lack of restraint.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The sense of abandon defined above is a relative newcomer to the English language, dating from the early 1800s, but an earlier noun sense, defined as “the act of abandoning,” was in use in the 1600s. The earlier sense was influenced by the verb abandon, which was borrowed by Middle English in the 1300s from Anglo-French abanduner. The Anglo-French term in turn came from the phrase (mettre) a bandun, meaning “to hand over” or “to put in someone’s control.” The newer sense has been more directly influenced by French abandon, which means not only “abandonment or surrender” but also “freedom from constraint.”