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mayhem (noun) – 1. (Law )The criminal offense of willfully maiming, disabling, or disfiguring a person.
2. Infliction of violent injury on a person or thing; wanton destruction.
3. A state of violent disorder or riotous confusion; havoc.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Legally speaking, mayhem refers to the gruesome crime of deliberately causing an injury that permanently disfigures another. The name derives via Middle English from the Anglo-French verb maheimer (“to maim”) and is probably of Germanic origin; the English verb maim comes from the same ancestor. The disfigurement sense of mayhem first appeared in English in the 15th century. By the 19th century the word had come to mean any kind of violent behavior; nowadays, mayhem can be used to suggest any kind of chaos or disorder, as in “there was mayhem in the streets during the citywide blackout.”