Yet another blow to free speech in NZ

Wellington poster: Before and after: PHOTO speakupforwomen

Whaleoil defends Free Speech regardless of political points of view. In the latest attack on free speech, a New Zealand women’s group has had their poster campaign completely censored in a shocking turn of events.

In a serious blow to Free Speech in New Zealand their posters have been taken down by the very company that they had paid to put them up!

On Monday the group were notified that their poster campaign calling for public consultation on the controversial Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill will be removed from over 60 sites from Auckland to Invercargill.

The Media company justified their censorship on the basis that they had received “four or five” complaints about the posters over the weekend from members of the public.

The managing partner of the media company told the group that their campaign had been “accepted in error and will be withdrawn as soon as logistically possible.”

I think that everyone no matter what their personal political affiliation should be deeply concerned that a few phone calls from activists can completely shut down a legal campaign.