What kind of feminist philosophy is this?

DAVID WHITE/STUFF Former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark and PM Jacinda Ardern

Islam teaches that women, especially younger ones, can?t and shouldn?t think for themselves. Marriages are usually arranged by fathers. Feminist philosophy teaches that those gendered female are independent sexual agents and should not be under anyone else?s authority.

Females should especially not be under the authority or control of a colonial western white man?s government which regulates when, where, and who they can have sex with.

Despite this at the University of Auckland, feminist theologians went as far as to say that Islamic child marriages should not be legislated against by the west because we have no idea what these young girls really want and it is not our job to judge by our own colonial standards.

Helen Clark?s policies as Minister of Health, with her politics degree, opened the way for tens of thousands of teen women to consider motherhood as a legitimate ?career? choice. All without any adult?s input. She enabled these solo teen parents to gain mortgages on the security of welfare income, while fathers became a completely alien concept to hundreds of thousands of Kiwi kids.

In the decades since Clark’s first law change, there have been tens of thousands of New Zealand teens either giving birth to or aborting their children.

It is a shock then that noted feminist and sexual liberationist Helen Clark, has come out against the legitimacy of a decision that a teen girl made over her own personal sexual future and love choices when she stated that the ISIS teen bride was “groomed.” quote.

She did behave extremely badly but I come back to the point that she was a child and she was groomed. end quote.

Helen Clark (@HelenClarkNZ) February 16, 2019

No longer is a young woman able to legitimately make this decision for herself instead she is “groomed”. This goes against everything else that Clark has ever said or done in her political career.

Either this generation of young women are ?special? and not able to think for themselves, or they are exactly the same as the last several generations.

If they are the same, then perhaps Helen Clark and her socialist style cultural Marxist cronies have ?groomed? recent generations of young New Zealand women for their own political career goals. Groomed them by saying that they are capable of deciding who they can have sex with whenever they want, as long as they decided to have the career welfare status that she wanted them to have.