A Nobel Peace Prize for Ms Ardern?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern waves to the crowd

Apparently, some people think our marvellous prime minister deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. quote.

The world also has been watching the Prime Minister.

Some are even calling for her to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Making her third trip to Christchurch in less than a week, the Prime Minister was back again on Friday for the call to prayer. end of quote.

Well if three trips to Christchurch in a week is all it takes, we could probably all get one. quote.

Less than a week after the attack she changed New Zealand’s gun laws. end quote.

Which was achieved with bi-partisan support across the house. The fact that it happened so quickly shows just how easy it was. You don’t get prizes for things that are easy, you get prizes for things that are hard.

If she had been really serious about tightening gun laws, she would have done something much sooner. Instead, under her watch, she had relaxed the rules and effectively made it easier to get a licence.

Trying to slam the stable door shut after the horse has bolted does not make her worthy of a peace prize.

I’m just not feeling it. I think to win a Nobel Peace prize for a weeks’ worth of effort, you’d have to have achieved something pretty darn remarkable.

Like Donald Trump for instance, who has made more progress in brokering peace between North and South Korea than any other leader since the country was divided back in 1945.


She’s also inspiring young New Zealanders – a light in New Zealand’s darkest days. end quote.


How, exactly, is she inspiring young New Zealanders? By wearing a headscarf and hugging people?

I would have thought one of the pre-requisites for being considered worthy of the Nobel peace prize, would be if you had achieved peace.

If the level of hate and vitriol being dished out on social media is anything to go by, I would say our country is less peaceful than we ever have been.

Green MP’s Golriz Ghahraman and Marama Davidson have been tweeting relentlessly, calling for ‘shock jocks’ to be shut down, making wild and unjustified accusations of racism against anyone they disagree with. And it’s not just online.

They both attended the Auckland Vigil on Saturday evening, and Golriz proudly tweeted a photo of some of the signs that were there. One says “FUCK ISLAMOPHBS” [sic]. That’s not very peaceful.

This is how Ms Ardern’s MP’s behave, and her leadership is woeful.

Suggesting that she is worthy of a Nobel Peace prize is just a sick joke.