A snarky e-mail to the head of Programming New Zealand

Hi, just requesting a possible interview or statement regarding your organisation’s policy and the need for you to take a moral stance on a very current topic.

As you are aware, radio stations are refusing to play Michael Jackson’s music because of allegations of sexual abuse that have resurfaced in a new made-for-TV documentary. Now of course they had no choice, as in today’s brave new world any such endorsement, or refusal to separate… let’s say… justice from witchhunts, leads to a total capitulation to social ?justice?. The wonderful thing about this new world is it can only really succeed if it is consistent.

This brings me to the reason for my appeal to you, as perhaps you may have heard that the current CEO of Warner Bros has been accused of offering roles for sex.


In the stench and wake of the Harvey Weinstein Scandal.

In the utter hysteria of the #METOO movement!


So, of course, to cut to the chase, my expectation is that all Warner Bros Productions will now be immediately expunged from my television schedule lest seeing such a programme causes a head explosion in someone I have never met.

“Bad Bugs Bunny” a Warner Bros cartoon.

Thank you in advance, and I am certain you will make the right decision based on the protest you will receive if you don?t.

Yours faithfully, your humble servant