A tough week for Jacinda

Photoshopped image credit: Wibble

Yes, Jacinda is having yet another tough week. Mike Hosking absolutely wiped the floor with her on Tuesday, Shane Jones is as much of a bully boy as ever and she can’t do anything about it. Not that she would: she may have told Mike Hosking that she knows all about hiring and firing, but of course, she doesn’t.

She comes across as weak and indecisive and it is death by a thousand cuts. But never fear. The sycophantic media led by her favourite Newspaper, have come to the rescue with a lovely human interest story, designed to take the public’s attention away from all the mean, nasty, ugly people who want to make our prime minister look ineffective. The First Baby is back in the headlines. quote.

Credit: SonovaMin

Many believe that when bird poo lands on you it’s a sign of good luck, however Clarke Gayford seemed a bit displeased when it ended up on Neve.

Gayford, who is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s partner, shared on social media that their child was victim to a Kereru’s number two ? and wasn’t sure how to handle it.

“I know a bit of bird poo is good luck, but what do they say about a massive Kereru doing a massive Kereru poo on your 8mnth old?,” he asked on Twitter. end quote.

In a hundred years, who will care? Correction: who actually cares now? quote.

Many on Twitter chose to jokingly comment on Gayford’s post.

“The first child of NZ has been officially coronated,” one person wrote.

Another added: “What do they say? That Dad has a great sidestep.” end quote.

Coronated? Isn’t the correct word ‘crowned? Neve is a queen now, is she? quote.

“That’s just what a blue/green coalition will do to the young as well,” another joked.

One person commented that the “Bird of the year has bestowed its greatest honour.” end quote.

Birds do that. It is a hazard of going out in the fresh air. I’m sure the child will suffer no long term damage because of it. quote.

This is not the first time Gayford has shared Tweets on New Zealand’s “First Baby.”

In February, the father shared a photo of a present Neve received from a Orewa retirement village resident. end quote.

Why is this news? Why is a media outlet publishing this stuff? Who cares? Really?

New Zealand does not have a First Baby, just like it does not have a First Man. It is the USA that has all of those and strictly speaking, it is limited to the wife of the president being the First Lady. That’s it. Neve is not a ‘first’ anything.

For a couple who claim they want to bring up their child out of the public gaze, they sure do crave a lot of publicity. Taking her to the UN General Assembly last year was a sure sign of how much they want her to grow up out of the limelight.

Clarke does seem to have a lower profile these days, but clearly that is not by design. If he can make a news story out of bird droppings on his daughter, he obviously is missing all the attention he craves.

More likely though is the fact that Jacinda’s weakness and incompetence is being laid bare, day after day for all to see, so this touchy-feely story was designed to put everything back on track and make sure the country loves them both as much as ever.

There is only one word for this sycophantic behaviour and for the media outlet that publishes this drivel. Pathetic.