A tragedy has been turned into a political circus

By George

I’ve had enough!

?The whole nation is weeping in the streets” reports TV one news. No they are not. Yesterday most people were going about their business as normal. The obscene posturing of the left is sickening. The ?look at me” mob are jostling for exposure to inform the nation that they are a loving caring people who are drowning in the flood of tears flowing from their grief-stricken souls. They are no more than posers who don’t want to be excluded from the aftermath of Friday’s tragedy. Only people of colour feel the pain, we white trash have created the template of hatred.

I can understand the left’s collective sigh of relief now that they have a reason to expose the evil of we, “the white supremacists”. Considering the vast majority of murderous evil in the world has historically been instigated by communist/socialist regimes and those who practise the Islamic faith, consequently the collective left have been on morally shaky ground for some time.

I sense an atmosphere of collective celebration that they can now put the boot into any person who is right of centre and white.

We know, and understand the awful events of Friday. The mature way to show respect and compassion is to mourn with dignity and reverence. But the left has turned this into a political circus. There is no greater insult to the victims of this tragedy than for them to be reduced to no more than the support act to the political activists’ main event. The Greens disgust me.