All you need to know about ordering restaurant quality meat

Okay, so you’ve tried our delicious meat products from The Whale Meat Company and you would like to enjoy it on a regular basis.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to keep getting your favourite products every

  • week
  • fortnight
  • or month

We do not want you to risk running out.

We do not want you to be forced to eat inferior quality supermarket meat because you forgot to put in your order.

We know that once you have tasted the best it is to hell with the rest!

So, how can you avoid that Whale-meatless situation?

Rest assured we’ve thought of everything,   

When you go to the checkout of your chosen box (and remember every box comes with bacon) you see the following selections:

Select Subscribe:

Then select your frequency:

Then proceed to checkout. There, all sorted. Whatever frequency you select, your tasty meat will be selected, cut and packed and delivered to your door for your eating pleasure. Easy peasy.

Recent customer feedback:

Got my 200$ meat pack yesterday.
Beautiful sausies and magnificently beautiful bacon! Rump steak tonight!
Thank you so much.

Hi, 2 weeks ago my quick and easy meat pack arrived. All up with delivery costs, it was just under $100. Have been stuck buying supermarket meat for years now after growing up on a farm and now to have an easy way to get quality meat again is fantastic. The pack comes with 7 different types of meat and being a single guy those 7 packs have supplied me with 13 meals. All the meat is fantastic and so tasty. You would struggle to get 13 meals with amazing tasting meat for under $100 anywhere. The next order is coming very soon and can’t wait to try the ham. Cheers WO meat, fantastic job.

Thank you for continuing to be a customer, and helping The Whale Meat Company to support the efforts here at Whaleoil