An economic (& climate) saboteur

By Richard the Second

Eugene Sage has done it again. With the stroke of a pen she has dropped a new constraint to regional development clean out of the sky. This new one is the extension of the Kahurangi National Park. The new extension covers the Mohikinui river and miles of land behind it.

The Mohikinui River was going to be used by Meridian Energy Ltd back in 2012. This was a hydro scheme consented in 2010 but, of course, it was dragged through the environment court by every armchair environmentalist in the galaxy (yes, some of those dudes are definitely off planet). The net result was that Meridian withdrew from the project, mainly because the forecasts for electricity showed uncertainty in demand at the time.

Now we are coming closer to the time where we will need more base-load capacity, but there is no way that the scheme can be resurrected because the whole area is now permanently out of reach. This will be bad for the environment.

Living in a Glass House: The Biosphere 2 Project

Hydro power produces zero carbon. In fact, after a hydro dam is built, they are net absorbers of carbon dioxide. There was a project some years ago called Biosphere where a group of people were locked into a giant glasshouse on a semi-permanent basis. A big problem then occurred – the plants start to suffer because the carbon dioxide began to vanish.

Eventually, they worked out that the concrete base to the structure was absorbing the CO2 and turning the concrete back into marble. Every civil engineer knew this but these idiots somehow missed that fact. But wait, there?s more?

There is no other way that we are going to get future base-load electricity without burning fossil fuels. Nuclear is off the table and perpetual motion still hasn?t been perfected. Oh – and that urban legend about filling your car tank with water and dropping a pill so revolutionary that the oil companies suppressed it – apparently is untrue.

So, we are back to more wind farms and solar panels, with the big promise that battery technology will improve enough to do the job. Well, we?ve been waiting since 1901 (Edison battery) for that to happen. Supercapacitors? Every year there is a new company that is going to produce the first commercial thousand farad ?battery.? We’ve been waiting twenty years already.

Hydro is the only sure-fire way of keeping electricity available to the masses and Eugenie Sage just shut the door on that.

It takes a lot of energy to pressurise your water mains to provide enough flow to flush your toilet, but a composting toilet uses zero electricity. Many Greens have them installed, and they think you should live as they do. It also takes zero electricity to shovel one of those olfactory atrocities out. Then again, shovels are made of steel and steel requires coal to make.
I guess you still might be able to buy clean green wooden clothes pegs for your nose when shovelling out. There is an upside to everything, I guess.

Here is the final rub. Rather than the Mokunuhui River area being available to produce electricity and jobs, I got a text from a friend today, saying that he is being helicoptered into the area to ride the Old Ghost Road. This galls me, as my socialist bent resents the cancelling of many jobs so ‘rich pricks’ can have yet another playground.