And so – it arrives in New Zealand [Updated]

Gunshots have been heard near the Christchurch Mosque on Deans Ave. – Stuff

2:32pm: There are multiple reports on social media that their [sic] has been a shooting at a second mosque in Linwood.

Police are yet to confirm this.


Developing story of a shooting at a mosque in Christchurch

A gunman has reportedly opened fire in the Christchurch Mosque near Hagley Park.
The former president of the Muslim Association of Canterbury Mohammed Jama said a man with a gun went into the mosque about 1.40pm on Friday.
He saw about four people injured and two people lying on the ground. He did not know if they were alive or dead. 
Stuff photographer said he could see three seriously injured people on the doorstep of the mosque. 

In a statement, police said they were responding to reports of shots fired in central Christchurch.
Police urged anyone in central Christchurch to stay indoors and report any suspicious behaviour immediately to 111. 
Police have cleared Cathedral Square, where thousands of children were rallying for action on climate change. […]