Another ivory tower idiot rubbishes Australia & NZ’s history

Caption: Another idiot academic makin’ mock o’ uniforms.

In his brilliant poem, The Suspension of Knock, Les Murray takes aim at ?the elite Revolution that rules unsullied by elections? and its sneering dismissal of ordinary Australians, whose ?Our experience and presence, unlike theirs, are fictive ideological constructions?. For the unelected elite ? the left-wing ruling-class of academics, activists and legacy media ? the simple virtue of patriotism is an object of derision.

?It is unusual for anyone describable as an intellectual,? Orwell likewise wrote. ?To feel a very deep attachment to his own country,? usually by dint of ?imitativeness or sheer cowardice?.

Such imitative cowards pullulate through the Australian elite and one of their favourite targets is that observance so beloved of ordinary people, Anzac Day. Getting in early for the annual festival of publicly-funded obnoxious stupidity I?ve dubbed the ?Annual Utter Spoon Race? is ? quelle surprise ? an academic. Long before the rest of the flock of neurotic parrots from the ABC and other sinkholes of taxpayer-funded elitism have ?woked? up and started their screeching and tweeting, this over-educated nong is clamouring for attention by insulting the sacrifices of Australians and New Zealanders past. Quote:

A Perth academic who told his students that he believed Anzac soldiers were ?killers? has also ?accused the Australian War Memorial of peddling falsehoods by linking Anzac Day to the Aust?ralian way of life.

During a lecture earlier this month, Murdoch University history lecturer Dean Aszkielowicz ?referred to a section of the war memorial website that says Australians continue? to invoke the Anzac spirit ? including the concept of egalitarianism, a sardonic sense of humour and a contempt for danger ? in times of hardship.

?Very few things that the Aust?ralian War Memorial claims on its website about Anzac Day are true,? Dr Aszkielowicz told stud?ents on March 12. ?The war was not fought for our way of life, nor could anyone at the time have ?articulated what our way of life was or what it is now.

?If I asked you what the Australian? way of life is, you probably? couldn?t answer me, you?d probabl?y give me some foggy ideas, probably something to do with mateship I suppose.? End of quote.

The problem with these ivory-tower ninnies is that they are utterly incapable of encompassing an opinion that they wouldn?t hear from within their own, tiny echo-chamber. Ordinary Australians and New Zealanders ? for Anzac represents both nations ? know very well who they are and what makes someone ?True Blue? or ?Kiwi As?. Like love of country, they may struggle to articulate it in ten-dollar words, but they know it when they see it.

As Louis Armstrong said of jazz: If you have to ask what it means, you?ll never know.

This obnoxious academic prat will clearly never know. Thankfully, at least some of his students appear not to have checked their brains in at the tutorial room door. Quote:

The Australian has been told some of the students in the School of Arts course are concerned about an apparent left-wing bias and that they are being given only one side of the argument about Australian history and culture. End of quote.

Not done with denigrating contemporary Australia, this academic idiot also sneers at the sacrifice of the ancestors of the very students he is brow-beating with his right-on nonsense: men from Australia and New Zealand who may not have had a PhD after their names, but who were far greater than he could ever aspire to be. Quote:

When asked by one student whether he thought the Anzacs should be viewed as murderers, Dr Aszkielowicz said: ?If you go and you kill people, whether it?s in a foreign campaign or not, then you?ve killed people and you?re a killer.? End of quote.

If only scientists could invent time-travel, and this prat be left alone for ten minutes in a room with the men whose boots he?s not fit to lick.